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    How long was it for you?

    How long did it take you before you started buying boxes instead of always buying singles. I look at the money I spend on singles, and it adds up very quickly. Every time I do it, I want to smack myself because I should be putting it away for a box, instead of high priced singles.
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    The best customer service...

    This story has to be told: I ordered a few Taboo Twists because everyone was raving about them, got them and they were not good. Had a bad chemical taste/smell. Needless to say I was very disappointed. I made my discovery public and thought later down the road I might give them a try. A few...
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    Tatuaje Draw Question

    Does anybody else experience a real tight, hard draw on these bad boys?Everyone I've had, all different sizes, is like this.
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    I found my goto!

    Found my goto today. Had one or two the other day and last week and thought it couldn't hold up, but it did. drum roll please....... Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 858 Sun Grown
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    Stinky Ashtray

    Are there any CS Retailers that have the Stinky? I would much rather support one of them than just order from anybody else?
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    Wow...what a combo

    Well the weather was nice (lol it was 45 and sunny) and I decided to try a stick, and I thought I'd bring some girl scout cookies with me. Tagalongs to be exact. Man what a combo. The stick i had was RyJ Habana Reserve. It was pretty good. I def didn't expect it to be a nice compliment to the...
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    Anybody Else?

    Is it just me or does this site really temp you all too with it's REALLY good samplers? I mean hell....i want to order about every one! Enter only if you have cc ready
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    New Humidor

    Came across this: New Humidor Always liked these and was looking to buy. Couldn't pass this up, plus I bought it off a members site, and used the 20% off discount he was offering. This humi plus a HygroSet Adjustable Digital Hygrometer for 62 shipped. I'm stoked! David
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    Best place to buy

    Where is the best place online to buy a nice quality humidor. The one I have just isn't cuttin it.
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    5 More Days

    Until I gain access to the WTB forum, wohoo:z
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    Another Cedar Question

    I've got another question for you guys. Right now were planning on using oak panels with cedar veneer. But my question is will that hold humidity very well? Or do I really need to use cedar panels? David
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    Cabinet Project

    As some of you know my father and I are going to build a cabinet in the next few months. Well after drawing up some plans the last few days we made a trip to the local Lowes and picked up some hardware. Below is the hardware we picked out. My Dads parents are coming in for mothers day tomorrow...
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    Habanos Puros: Ecuador Shade Torpedo

    This was a very pleasant smoke. I think it will be my go-to stick from now on. The only really complaint I have about it is the burn was not all that even and I had to keep touching it up. The Ecuador Shade was a very mild tasting smoke, and seemed more medium bodied. I'll give a more thorough...
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    Ordered my first box/bundle

    I ordered my first bundle of cigars tonight. I had heard some pretty good things about the Habanos Puros Line and emailed Mike (Uncle Mickey) to get a good recommendation. Decided upon the Habanos Puros Ecuador Shade Torpedo - Box of 20. Hopefully will be here on Saturday. Wohoo :w David
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    Spanish Cedar

    I have been talking to my father about building a humi this spring/summer and really the only concerns is were to get the cedar. Is there any place that you guys recommend were I can get my hands on some? David
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    "The-Puck" Review #2

    I waited a while to write my review for the humidi-puck to see what kind results I would get. I am using my humidi puck in my tupperdor and it is keeping CONSTANT 70% rh. Great product, easy install, as advertised results. Can't ask for anything more! A def buy! David
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    Humidity Problems

    Well I got my hygrometer yesterday and have let it sit in my humi for over 24hrs now. It is pegged on 59%. Right now i have the humi-care jar of crystals (70%). Not sure what to do? I ordered the humidi puck in hopes for some different results (couldn't order beads because i have an issue with...
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    First AF.......

    Well I went to my local B&M to get an evening smoke since it has been real pleasant outside lately. Get home light it up and to great disappointment it was plugged. Sucks.......Oh well, I'll give it another shot this weekend. Help me out guys and tell me that AF's are amazing so I go back and...
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    Just wondering what all i need to make this work. Can anyone break this down step by step for me. Laymans terms, LOL
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    Vector XCaliber Lighter....Yay or Nay

    My older Colibri gave out, and I'm tired of lighting cigars with matches. So, I was looking for some opinions about this lighter. Thanks in advance. David