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    Sunday afternoon .....

    Gotta love Sunday afternoon. PSP2, The Pixies, Smithwicks :) Round 2: Vegas Robaina Famosos, Radiohead, Red Stripe :)
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    I love the smell of Spanish cedar in the morning

    Spend much of yesterday doing major sanding on my new cabinet, spurred on by the smell of the cedar that will eventually line it. My pop put the box together (and one for himself) using some beautiful black walnut boards gifted to him. I'm finishing it off. A bit more sanding and I can start...
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    WTB/WTS forum

    Just wanted to throw this out there. First time I've ever seen the entire first screen filled with WTB/WTT posts. Not a WTS in sight. If you haven't check it lately and you have decent stock, may be a good idea to do so. Didn't check all the posts and no doubt some are resolved, but worth a look.
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    As some of you know, my wife and I spent the better part of the past two weeks driving down the coast of California. It was truly a wonderful (and much-needed) respite from the daily grind. I won't bother you with a travelog (though we saw and did plenty) but figured I'd share a few...
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    Visiting the inlaws for Easter and had a great day. hit the antique shop across the street and picked up this great pipe stand/humi combo for $10. Was given a couple of Brigham pipes that my father-in-law smoked, a four-dot and a three-dot. Once I replace the stems and clean 'em up a bit...
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    Sunday afternoon

    It's nice when a few simple comforts can make for a great Sunday afternoon. Boli BF, a pint of Kilkenny and a little Pearl Jam Live At Benaroya Hall.
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    Cigar Oasis vs. Moist-N-Aire vs. Hydra. Opinions?

    My pop and I have a couple of cabinets in the works. Mine is 35"Hx19"Dx24"W. His is a bit smaller. I'm trying to decide which of these humidification devices will do the job. I have a pound of beads I"ll throw in too, but up here, over-humidification isn't a problem, especially in the winter. In...
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    Check out this cool cigar sign

    It's been in my buddy's family for years. Didn't fit in anymore, so he offered it to me. Missing a small chunk in the corner, but otherwise it's in pretty good shape. No idea on the vintage, though.
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    like Cohiba, half the price

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    B&M in Rochester's inner loop?

    Taking the kids across the border in a couple of weeks to catch a lacrosse game. Staying in a hotel right next to the arena and staying at the Hyatt right next to the arena on E Main St. Anyone know of a decent B&M, preferably within walking distance or a quick cab ride? Possibly looking to grab...
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    Armoire into cabinet humidor anyone?

    I know a couple of the gorillas here have done some nice work in this area in recent months. Saw this posted elsewhere and first thought was .... you know. Flatscreens Send Armoires to the Junkyard The Wall Street Journal says in the very near future, there will be tens of thousands of armoires...
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    Cheap winter smoke

    Winter's here and it's cold in the garage, event with a heater. Going thru my humis, I had few sticks that seem suitable for winter smoking, ie if it's too damn cold to finish I can just leave it. I thought about ordering some of those 5 Vegas tins to get me through, but then found these at my...
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    Your top shelf sticks

    I like drhalle's thread about what he sees when he first opens his humi: Since a lot of us like to keep our favourite sticks on our top shelves, I thought I'd start a thread about it. Here are the top shelves in a couple of my humis: NC CC...
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    Hey Winnie: Tell me this wasn't you
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    I've been mauled by a Bear

    Marc, aka Bear1976, laid some noob on noob violence on me. Mentioned in another thread how I'd like to try the new house stick from a B&M we both frequent. Bombed me with one of them as well as a Corojo #5 (one of my new favs) and three sticks I have yet to try: CAO Italia CAO MX2 CC San...
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    Holts Factory Specials

    I'm looking for some input on how these sticks smoke. They seem like a good deal, especially with a free humi thrown in, but I'm kinda hestitant to buy a box of 100 blind. If you've smoked one, tell me what you think. J