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    Container for beads?

    The main thing IMHO is to spread the beads out and make sure they're not too deep so you expose more surface area. I'm using my wife's pickle dish. She doesn't know yet. Don't tell her. :tu
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    Scotch, Cigars and BBQ

    Looks like a great time. Maybe we should combine our herfs next year! :r
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    More Comedy

    It really is a nice piece, but would work exactly the same as the $4 one I picked up at a flea market.
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    Project: Gun Cabinet to Humidor

    Nice work! :tu
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    Which CS Members Share Your Taste in Cigars?

    I've enjoyed all the recommendations Dan (Dball) has made.
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    Conch Republican hit 2000 mark!!!!

    Congrats Mark!
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    Look like it's gonna cool down. Enjoy your herf!

    Look like it's gonna cool down. Enjoy your herf!
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    Appreciate it. Helluva hike, but you're welcome at the herf next week.

    Appreciate it. Helluva hike, but you're welcome at the herf next week.
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    After a bad week.....

    I hear you. Lost a good friend this week. Funeral tomorrow. Tonight I'm enjoying a PSP2 and some nice port.
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    Savoy Humidors

    I had one, but gifted it to Raphael a month ago. Decent humi for the money. Looked great and held a good seal My only complaint was that the two-sided tape they use to hold the humidifier and hygro to the lid via a metal plate/magnet combo doesn't work very well. If you're gonna replace them...
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    I think I bombed myself!!

    Still, gotta love those surprises. Ordered a few boxes awhile back. One was on backorder, so I kinda forgot about it. Several weeks later, they just show up. Sweet!
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    Cigar recommendations other than Cubans?

    What he said, though I haven't tried an Ilusione yet. VSGs too, if they're in your price range and affordable. You could also call Atlantic for suggestions as they may have something interesting on sale. And if you're in the area Oct. 4:
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    Humi's for Canadians?

    Some decent stuff here:
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    Atlantic Cigar Shipping Fees

    Exactly. And really, the shipping they charge is only about $10 more than it would be to send a package anyway. Worth it considering they go the extra mile to keep their customers happy.
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    Calling all Canadians!

    PM sent.
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    Sunday afternoon .....

    Gotta love Sunday afternoon. PSP2, The Pixies, Smithwicks :) Round 2: Vegas Robaina Famosos, Radiohead, Red Stripe :)
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    Seriously, is there any better forum in this world? (GWN and Tidefan73)

    Glad I could help, Raphael. Sorry about the dazed look. Work has been insane lately and I swung by between meetings. I look like that pretty much 24/7 these days. Catch you at the next herf. J :ss
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    Update...old Sailor

    Best wishes, Dave. Hope you done with this soon.
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    Cubao #4

    Atlantic sent me a free lancero with my latest order. Think I'll fire it up today, based on your review. :)
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    6 More Weeks at home!

    That's gold, Jeff.