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    Hygrometer at Wal-Mart

    Anyone know if I could pick up a decent hygrometer at Wal-Mart for my Vino? I am trying to get it ready so I can order beads and shelves and would like to get a decent one for it. Any suggetions would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Vinotemp Pictures

    I am getting ready to start setting up my vino and I would like to see how every one else has there set up? So post pictures of your vino please. Also what type of hygrometer does everyone use? I have seen a few people use some that are made Oregon Scientific, how well do these work? What...
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    Look what I got today!

    My wife, daughter and I were out doing some errands today and we went to one Target to look for some things. I decided to look at the vino's and they had 2 but at the $199.00 price. I didn't have enough spending money to get one so I moved on. We then decided to stop at another Target because my...
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    Picked up some new sticks

    I went to Pars and Cigars today in Des Moines and picked up some new sticks to try. I really wanted to get a Opus X but they said they won't have any in until September. Here is what I got though 1. Cabana 2. Dominican Elite 3. Dominico 4. Don Mateo 5. Santana 6. Por Larranaga Ms. G 7. Rocky...
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    A few questions

    Hello all, I have a questions about beads and my humidor. First this is the humidor I have My RH is right around 80% after I got me a new digital hygrometer. I have decided to get some beads to help with this. I am looking at the Round Cigar...
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    Wife help

    I need some advice. What are some ways I can get my wife to let me join a cigar of the month club. I am down to one stick and I am thinking this might be my best bet. However she doesn't seem to want me to. Anyone have any advice so I can talk her into it? I plan on smoking my last stick in my...
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    Des Moines, Iowa-Best place to buy some smokes?

    Hi all, I am wanting to get some opinions from anyone who lives in Iowa, Des Moines especially, where is the best place to pick up some quality smokes? I usually go to David's Briar Shop in Merle Hay Mall but I was wondering to see what other places there are that people know of. Thank you,
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    help with my Savoy

    Hello all, I am a new board member and I am happy I found this place. I have always been into cigars but never had a big collection or even a humidor. My wife bought me a new Savory humidor for our anniversary this past weekend and I was very happy and suprised. She also bought me six cigars...