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    I'm Moving Forward

    Well, I just got word from the realtor that my house has a contract on it. Pending the final word from the bank it looks like this is a go. As some of you may know, I am currently going through a divorce and that will be coming to a conclusion this month (I hope). We put the house on the...
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    Why errands are way too expensive...Pics included

    This past year has been a pretty dramatic one in my life, stories for another time, but currently I am in the process of getting custody of my 19 month old nephew. Well he is sick today and has been throwing up all morning. When I put him down for his nap with grandpa, I ran to the Target to...
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    Stolen again...

    :mad:Well, this is the second time in one year my Xikar three finger case has been stolen. The first time I was at a bar with some friends went to the restroom, came back and it was gone from the table, no one saw anything. Well today I went to go play golf and enjoy some alone time with some...
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    I'm still alive

    Hi everyone, I have not been on here in a few weeks. I left for my trip to Miami which was a great success, and was able to enjoy plenty of cigars while I was there. The more pressing issue is that I am now in the midst of getting a divorce and have hence moved out of my house and into...
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    Contest: Come up with a roadtrip CD

    A friend of mine and myself are planning a road trip to Miami to visit my dad. Now, I have Sirius, but a good mix road trip cd cant be beat. So I ask that you come up with the best roadtrip cd you can think of. You can choose up to twenty songs, and there can be no repeat bands. These songs...
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    Leesburg, VA Herf

    Bryan aka Addiction and I met today for some great smokes in Leesburg and we were going to meet again tomorrow around 1230 for cigars and afterwards a few drinks. I know this is at the last minute but if anyone wants to join us come on out and get ready for a good time. If you dont know were...
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    Free NC Monte

    I found this link, its always worth a try. I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July :u
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    Free Cigar

    its in CA
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    Europe has gone too far with this one

    Soon this will be going on here in the states.
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    Always good to run into a CS member

    I went up to the lacal shop and ran into Bryan aka Addiction, we had a nice conversation before I had to run. It is always nice to go out and run into some great people, especially when they are members of CS. I hope you found what you were looking for at the shop, and I will see you on the 23rd.
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    Who was that mystery fella

    Well, i have been gone for some time, a few drinks in me, and this always leads to me buying way too many cigars. Give me some recomendations. It would be great to hear from the old timers I used to talk to. Take care, and happy Tuesday. :al
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    Damn I feel good

    I had an Opus X Perfecion #4 X and an Anejo 50, damn this was a good night. I hope you all had some great smokes as well.
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    Say goodbye to a fellow BOTL

    Boonedoggle...Your bomb has awaken a sleeping dragon. Kiss your family and make sure you tell them you love them, this is WAR!!!
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    Free OVTC Cigar

    Maybe some of you know this, but each month Old Va Tobacco gives out a free cigar on their website. This month is an AVO. Enjoy.
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    Tatuaje Porn

    I stopped by the local shop yesterday and I just had to get a box, enjoy. The box date on these is September 2006, I will let them rest for a bit and tell you how they are. When I opened the box the smell was amazing. The look of the wrappers and construction reminded me of my PSD4's
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    Pictures of my local B&M

    I was looking at my local shop's website and he has some pictures up I thought I would share. It is a great place, awesome owner and a nice couches to sit and watch an afternoon baseball game. Have a great weekend. Brian
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    October Porn

    Since summer has begun and I am a teacher, it makes it a little difficult to come on here and hang for hours on end talking to people. However, I have been very busy buying cigars (boxes and some Holts AF Samplers, and singles) and throwing myself into the poor house. I have had several pm's...
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    Birthday Blues

    I turned 28 today and I have been so busy with work I really have had no down time. I am still getting over a nasty cold and I cant enjoy a nice cigar to wind down on my birthday. I hope tomorrow I feel a little better, and will get this weekend going right.
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    My break with CS is over

    I was pretty busy ss the school year approaches and I had to get the materials ready for my students; coupled with some craziness on the CS forum, I am glad to be back. I needed to relax, it has been pretty stressful over here and I need to get back into the swing of things. Lets have some...