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    Favorite Beer

    Guinness has to be No. 1, followed by Boddingtons and a lot of micro brews. One right here in Winnipeg is Half Pints. Very hoppy, nice aroma and huge bottles.
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    Project: Gun Cabinet to Humidor

    Very cool. i would have never thought of a gun cabinet. Why, I don't know. My father-in-law has one that he doesn't use any more. i wonder what he is doing with it.........:ss
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    Great night!

    That is great. Did you catch the dog though?:ss
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    Has anybody tried this: Digital Hygrometer Thermometer with Remote Sensor

    I was looking for the same thing for a cooler project. Thanks for the link. Let me know how it goes. If I buy one in the next while I'll do the same.:tu
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    Labeling Cigars

    Leave them in the box and put them in a humidor and forget about them. RASCC need to lay for a while IMO anyways. I agree, the only thing I might put on a label is the date you put them in the Humi.
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    Saturday Mornings

    Sitting down checking the posts, having a great cup of coffee, listening to my son watch Peep and the Great Big World. Getting things ready for his fourth birthday party. Daughter is asleep in her swing. Trying to decide what to smoke tonight after the little ones go to bed. All in all a...
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    Padron 3000

    Nice review, I especially liked the Goldie Locks reference.:tu
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    Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Toro

    This was one of the smokes that started me down this slippery slope. Bought my first one a couple of months ago on a trip to Seattle. What a beauty. can't wait to pick up more. I have yet to smoke a cigar that stayed as cool as this one. Great review. Glad you liked it.
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    Angel 100 La Joya...Age Before Beauty

    Great review. I just bought a couple of sampler packs from P Da Masta and he is throwing in a 5 pack of these. Good to know I should let them rest for a bit. I will check with him to see how long they were in his humi.
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    Odd Ammonia Taste

    I had a similar problem, I read on here somewhere that if you leave the cigar you are planning to smoke out for about an hour or so it helps. I have tried it and it seems to do the trick.
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    Cigar values

    It is hard to have US members answer this question. Cigars are so much more expensive here in Canada. For example, Quorum, $2 at duty free, $1.50 on internet, $5.95 at my local B&M. Cigars that I paid $4 for from the internet vendor is usually $10-$15 here. Try and branch into the US web...
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    Smoking man cave ready for operation

    Awesome caves guys, I really need to set one up in the garage soon. Winter is a comin.
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    Need suggestions for the rest of the weeks smokes...

    Sorry about your job man, I like the idea of reaching deep into the humi with your eyes closed. All the best, hope you find something soon.
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    Ronson JetLite Torch Lighter

    Lighters that work this well are never this cheap. I have two and one hasn' left the pakagin yet, and I don't think it will very soon.
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    How to pimp out your 18-ct cigar caddy w/pics!

    Sweet set up!! :tu
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    Opinions of Nub Cigars

    Thanks for all the info. I think I will wait to try one and spend my money on something I know I will like.:ss:ss:ss
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    Opinions of Nub Cigars

    Anyone have a review of one of these babies. I always wanted to try one but can't find them here in Winnipeg. Are they a quicker smoke? All the things I have read say that they take as long to smoke as a regular length cigar. Any info would be great, may help persuade me to buy a sampler or not.
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    Who's Craving what cigar right now?

    A nice Saint Luis Rey Series G maduro or a Fonseca. Probably stuck with a yard gar tonight though, I'm out of almost everything else.
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    Favorite place to enjoy a smoke?

    I am stuck outside on the deck, don't get me wrong it is nice (in the summer). But I would love to be inside on a nice club chair with a nice glass of vino. Maybe in the next house a cigar room will be built.