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    Aneroxic girls need love too.:r

    Aneroxic girls need love too.:r
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    Ashton ESG Churchhill [pic]

    I have never seen someone this out from a cigar. But it looks like you have a new avitar. :ss
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    What should I smoke from this grab bag?

    In this order for me, CAO RP Decade DC DPCC next morning the Perdomo Reserve and AC
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    Suggestions to age 9mos?

    Well you wont get much age after only 9 months, especially since almost all NC's are aged before they are rolled. 9 months-Oliva G series-mild and good price 18 years-Look into a cc, there are quite a bit that can be had at the same price as an nc. However, if you cant go that route look for...
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    Jack Daniels Open Bottle

    Open it up, give it a sniff and then pour. Grab the glass lift to your mouth and drink. If its bad spit it out, however if its good pour another glass. :chk
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    A. Fuente Bands

    I equate the color with the price level of the cigar. Red (Anejo more expensive and better), Black mid-price (Sungrown, GR etc) and the Green are the lower priced. It has been a while since I smoked a AF so thats what I think when I go into a shop and see them.
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    prayers maybe a bit stong but...

    Good luck Kevin, keep us posted on how you do. :ss
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    I didn't even see them holding cigars. :r
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    Exactly, I have had nearly every premium NC out there and now find myself always reaching for cc's, no matter the brand. Not a single nc I have tasted has ever reminded me of a cc. The only thing that came close was Pete's new La Riqueza, but thats only in the look of the packaging. I guess...
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    How should I spend $100.00?

    10 pack of cc (lots are below $100)
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    University of Pittsburgh Cigar Club (pics)

    That looks like a great time, wish I had one back in college. You seem to have a ton of Pitt football victory cigars....ooops:ss
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    Who's Craving what cigar right now?

    Sig IV, each day and every day...this time next week :tu
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    I Could Use A Little Gorilla Healing Power

    Dad just got diagnosed with it, prayers are sent.
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    La Riqueza #5

    Nice review, I think Pete journyed to Cuba for the look of this cigar. The size and look of the box down to the triple cap. These are fantastic cigars and I have enjoyed them a lot more then...dare I say...the overhyped Tat Black. :ss
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    Woke up for a Nightmare - Beatles

    They don't play around, look what they did to this poor doll...
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    Bodkin Herf Thread and Pics!

    Re: Bodkin Herf - August 23 What awesome time this was. Thanks Sean and his family for their hospitality. It was fantastic to see Dave, Bryan, Jeremy, Sean, Evan, and Chris again. Cant wait to see the pics Dave took. :ss
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    Favorite Cigar Smoked at Shack IV?

    First night under the tent, a Hoyo came my way and I loved it. I just wished i remembered the size and year. Pretty small rg, and when it got to me it was about two inches long, and for me was like drinking coffee with each puff.
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    What's the Most Comfortable Place that You've Smoked a Cigar?

    At shack with these guys, Me, Ray, Bryan, Jay, Chris, Greg. I forget the other two, but it was a fantastic evening.
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    Teachers: Summer Vacation is Over

    This year I will be teaching the norm, AP US History and regular Virginia and US History.
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    Teachers: Summer Vacation is Over

    Im not joking, we have to go to a meeting where they go over rules like, no hitting the kids, no screaming or cursing at them. This is where your tax dollars go. And remember Bryan, we also have to do STD Bingo with them. :r