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    20 Count Humidor...needs me a Hygrometer

    I'm looking for a digital Hygrometer for my 20 count humidor. Space is obviously an issue. Should i even mess with the digital, or just get a new analog one? Where can i get one, cheap?
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    heart felt beads

    My only problem is the little flecks getting on my cigars... I'll need to res-situate my humidification system...
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    heart felt beads

    I've noticed this with other brands of beads, too. any thoughts guys?
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    Mood, Emotions, and Cigars...

    So I was thinking the other day, would mood or emotional state have any major effect on how one enjoys cigars? Saturday, my Fraternity at College accepted 16 new brothers into the organization. Since i was the Recruitment Chair, the previous week had been very stressful, and I was on top of the...
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    Opus is in..

    I just bought two Fuente Fuente Robusto for $13.90 that good?
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    Does your preacher smoke cigars?

    I'm an undergraduate Religion Major, looking to go to Seminary in another year...Oh yes, I do smoke cigars.
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    Please read this.

    Agreed. Especially if there is a quiz later... do the Newbies have to take a quiz later? I really don't do well on tests... :ss
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    University of Pittsburgh Cigar Club (pics)

    At Florida Southern College, where I go to school, we sit outside in front of the residence halls every Wednesday night and have our FSC Wednesdays, where we have (F)ilosophy Smoking, and Coffee. A great time is had by all. If you ever have a chance to start a group like this, there is no reason...
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    Beads, Noob, Hygro...oh my...

    That is it then. I soaked them, as it said on the package to do so. So, they can't grab humidity, only give it...I'll fix that!!! Thanks!!!
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    Beads, Noob, Hygro...oh my...

    Come on guys...can I get some help here?
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    Taboo ****

    Awesome!!! Enjoy them!!! I've got an order on the is slightly smaller (I ordered 4 cigars), but an order none the less...
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    Beads, Noob, Hygro...oh my...

    So I've got a 20 count humidor. I keep 15-18 sticks in the box, most of the time. I was using a puck with gel in it, but got mold. I switched to beads (Cigar Mechanic is the Brand). All the while, my analog Hygro hovers close to 60%. I salt test it, and it appears to be 5% low, meaning the...
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    cheap beer-soaked whore?

    :tpd: Or one of my smoking buddies...but he is a Man-Whore, so there is a difference, right?
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    How many visits to your local B&M before you are considered a regular?

    When they consider you a regular, you are a regular. I enjoy the open relationship i have with my B&M. They know my name, are kind, and though they don't always recommend good stuff (Nub Habanos is better than R&J Habanas Reserve? Seriously?) they take time to care. I think if you are lucky...
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    You favorite cigar moments picture thread.

    Philosophy Club in front of my Residence Hall
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    How long does it take you to choose a cigar?

    Usually if I'm in the mood, i just know which one i want. Then again, I only have about 20 cigars, so it isn't that hard...
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    De Facto Rating Scale???

    my system: Highly Recommended Recommended Mostly Recommended Not Recommended
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    Looking to get a good cutter - recommendations anyone :)

    I punch everything, but get a Palio
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    My First Post - Cigars similar to Romeo Reserva Real

    Had my First R&J Reserva Real last night, and wow...This thing was great!!! Mild and Medium, yet very spicy!!!! When I find something like it, I'll let you know!!! Welcome to the Jungle!!!