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    Clouds of smoke?

    What cigars out there produce great big plumes of smoke? Is that something you guys see as a positive or negative attribute? I'm personally a big fan of alot of smoke :ss
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    Reviving old cigars

    Just curious, can a well maintained humidor revive really old cigars? Whats the point of no return for an old/dried out cigar? And maybe for kicks, whats the oldest cigar you personally have made smokable again?
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    Beads, Hygrometers, Lighters...

    So I just recieved my first humidor (20 ct). The humidifier element it came with is one of those generic black ones (w/ I believe "floral" foam inside). I'm taking steps to "season" the humidor. Have wiped it down inside w/ sponge and distilled water, and left sponge in overnight. Repeat...