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    "Don't worry honey, I'm just going to buy a few cigars a month..."

    2 months ago - kept around 10 cigars. NOW Vinotemp and probably over 250 cigars. Good luck.
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    Vinotemp 101

    I put a cigar oasis XL II in mine. Set it to 65%, went to bed, got up the next morning and the humidity in my vino read 86% :confused: and the unit was still going. Needless to say, I yanked it out of there, repackaged it, and Im mailing it back to the store tomorrow. Im using 3 lbs of...
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    Has anybody tried this: Digital Hygrometer Thermometer with Remote Sensor

    Never tried one but I would be interested in it. I wonder just how accurate it is.
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    Hygrometer at Wal-Mart Just get two of these with the calibration pack. At least thats what I did.
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    heart felt beads

    I did that today and it seemed to work well.
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    Heartfelt Beads

    I just got my order of 3 lbs of beads and 4 bags today. Got all three pounds in the vino - just waiting for it to stabilize. :)
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    Anyone Going to Big Smoke Las Vegas??

    Interesting, I will be flying into Vegas on the 8th for other business but Im sure I will find some spare time.
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    How old did this guy live?
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    Celo on or off?

    I hate cats: (note to those that like cats - I might hate them, but would never hurt them).
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    vinotemp shelves

    Ive sent Mtmouse a pm b/c I really like the way his shelves look. I hope to hear back from him soon. Thanks.
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    vinotemp shelves

    LOL, beads it is then. Thanks.
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    vinotemp shelves

    This is going to be setup in my office, which has a ceiling fan running 24/7 and solar screens on the windows. I will let you know how it works out once I finish it up. Thanks.
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    vinotemp shelves

    hum, thats not good to hear. I thought these things held humidity pretty good. I wouldn't think that you would need to keep refilling it b/c of that. Hopefully I will have better luck. Thanks.
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    vinotemp shelves

    Where are you guys getting your vinotemp shelves and drawers? I just picked up one today and have it out in the garage drying/airing out after a good wipe down. Ive got a oasis II xl coming in the mail tomorrow to throw in it and hope to have it up and running by the end of the week. Thanks.