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    Hirsh y Garcia Robusto

    I had my first Hirsh y Garcia last night. For those that do not know, this is a joint cigar project between the owner of Cigar King and Pepin. I got this stick from a Cigar King Sampler thanks to Deucer's NST trade. Wow what a stick, it ought to be called Hershey Garcia, because that's what it...
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    Oliva V Belicoso 5x54

    I Haven't done a review in a while so I thought I would post one tonight of a stick I have been waiting to spark. The Oliva V Belicoso is beautiful stick, the construction was flawless and the band is large and in charge. The head clipped perfectly, no cracking or deformation, but what do you...
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    Bel Air - Sean Bolan's

    Sean Bolans 12 South Main St. Bel Air, MD 21014 Sean Bolan's is an Irish Pub and Restaurant. They are cigar friendly, but only after 10 PM (when all smoking starts). Food is great and they usually have pretty good live music. You may find me and my brother playing there from time to time.
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    White Marsh - Red Brick Station

    Red Brick Station 8149 HoneyGo Blvd White Marsh, MD 21236 Red Brick Station located in the Avenue at White Marsh is cigar friendly. I have smoked there many times and on any given day you will see several others smoking as well. The microbrews are also pretty good.
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    Solo Cafe Wafe

    Here is a review of the Solo Cafe Wafe. I'll start by saying this, I am not a fan flavored cigars. I tried and ACID Blondie once and about died. The reason I tried these was because of my search for short tasty smokes for going to work or at lunch. With the burn time around 20 min, this was a...
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    5 Vegas Shorty

    Well, I saw the deal on CI and couldn't resist. I love this retailer, I can order from CI by 3PM and have it the next day by 10AM. Anyway, the deal of 40 small gars for 40 bucks was too much to resist. I am always looking for a good deal on quick, good tasting smokes that can get me to work or...
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    Rocky Patel Sun Grown Torpedo

    Here we go with my second review. As I have said before, I'm really not a good with the vocab and descriptors of the flavors, but I will describe my impression of this stick. The stick cut clean, and the draw was easy, almost too easy. Here is my stogie resting in my new Stinky Astray...
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    Tristar Zippo insert

    Has anyone seen this item, or know where to get one in the US or into the USA. This is Zippo insert kind of like the Z-Plus, but it is not a torch, but regular flame. Also it uses flint ignition instead of electric, this thing really looks...
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    Gran Habano Corojo # 5 - 6.1" x 52

    Here is my review of the Gran Habano Corojo # 5 - 6.1" x 52 (Red Label). I'll preface this review by saying that I am a newbie, both on the forum and to cigars period. So I don't have a well refined taste, or at least I am not able to describe the flavors and subtleties of a cigar accurately...