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    Some recent purchases

    A box of La Riqueza Nbr. 5's a box of Cubao Lanceros Winston Churchills Nbr. 10s The whole package
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    These Came in Yesterday

    68 Padilla Lancero: LFD Lancero: Don Pepin Limited Edition Lancero:
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    The Holy Lance - Illusione Lancero

    My latest pick up:
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    Latest purchase: Davidoff Lanceros

    My latest find: Davidoff Lanceros:
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    Avo Tesoro

    My latest purchase: AVO Testoro Limited Edition 2008
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    NUB purchase

    My assortment of NUBs:
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    PAM Naturals are here

    My latest purchase PAM Naturals, I have the Maduros, so we shell see what is better:
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    My latest Pick Up

    Padron Exclusivo:
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    A recent Purchase

    Dunhills Davidoff Puro robusto 601 Red & Blacks Famous Lonsdales
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    My Latest Purchase - Winston Churchill NBR. 10

    This is a fine smoke.
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    My latest pick - ups

    Danidoff Jeffery Stone 30 year: 2005 God of Fires Oliva V Lanceros Don pepin Lancero Sampler
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    My Aristocrat Humidor Came In

    Here are the pics:
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    My latest pick up PAM 80s

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    The Holts Showstopper

    I got mine today plus some Tatuajes.
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    Humidor - End Table Cabinet - Looking to Buy I'm looking to purchase a used Aristocrat End Table especially with the set and forget system. I spoke to Bob Staebell and he said "I don't have anything at this time. It's pretty rare for one to come available through me. Usually most...
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    Padilla 1948 By Pepin Garcia

    Was just wondering if anyone had one of these and what their thoughts were?
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    Oliva Serie O Perfecto

    Listening to the Met game and wanted a quick smoke. What a decent smoke. A easy draw from start to finish. Medium body. I'm not big on all that leather and favor crap but I did taste a bit of a touch of cinnamon. The ash was firm and lasted for most of the 5 inch cigar. Overall, a good smoke...
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    Band on or Band off?

    From Cigar Cyclopedia: How to smoke cigars – with the band on or off – has been debated without end since about 1850 when Gustave Bock introduced the first bands. Why? Bock’s Havana-made cigars – like the Fuente Fuente Opus X or Padron 1964 Anniversary Series today – were copied so widely so...
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    Cigars International Bought By Swedish Match

    From CigarCyclopedia Los Angeles, August 16 – The world’s second-largest cigar company has agreed to acquire one of the world’s largest retailers of cigars. Swedish Match AB announced yesterday that it will acquire Cigars International, headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in a move...