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    Cuban Cigars

    you don't
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    I didnt have room for the Vinotemp either....

    funny....i have mine storred in my closet beneath my shirts as well. Enjoy the new vino. You'll love it
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    Djarum Black

    I have a pack of them in my car right now. I actually enjoy cloves every once in a while
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    which to start with??

    fuente and padron are my two absolute favorite all around brands. oliva follows closely in 3rd. Any PAM is out of this world though. Enjoy!
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    Cigars That Pair Well With Coffee

    RP Connecticut. actually it seems most connecticut wrapper smokes seem to go well with a cup o' joe
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    check out my coolidor

    Very nice set up. lookin good If i may ask, what are those monte tubos? I don't recall seeing anything like that before. Other than that....beautiful set up
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    a buddy of mind just bought one not too long ago (bud light branded keggerator) but we keep it filled with yuengling 24/7. he's actually considering selling it, so if anyone's interested give me a shout
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    5 Vegas Short

    pm me your addy & I'll send you a tin. :tu
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    I Need Your Advice/Help

    I agree with Makers Mark. Short glass on the rocks...sip away. So smooth & delicios. Had some last week with an oliva V. AWESOME
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    What was the last bad smoke you had?

    I'm going to be hated for saying this but... ashton vsg I don't know if I just got a bad one or what but it was absolutely HORRIBLE
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    Damn You Joe Cigar!

    i'm seriously having a hard time restricting myself from buying these. i don't need them...i dont need them...i dont need them
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    Anyone else have this reaction

    you probably just got a havey nicotene buzz. I've felt a little queezy after a couple smokes at a herf or something, but never threw up....that part i'm not sure about
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    My wife and friends are mad at me!

    that's exactly what i was thinking:2
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    Monte Cristo White

    one of the sticks that got me started. I went from acids to a monte white that was gifted to me. They're GREAT. wait a while for your tastes to evolve and that harshness will seem like nothing to you. GREAT review & i'm glad you enjoyed it. Looks like you and the lady friend had a great...
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    For those who have tried a Nub Cigar

    i think they're great. I've tried two nubs thus far & both of them were great. Were they on par with a PAM or, but they're not trying to be at that point either. They're a relatively affordable cigar that packs a decent amount of flavor. I enjoy them. Only problem i have is they...
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    Judge a Cigar by it Picture

    that's what I'm considering doing with the RP I-Press. Just got the email & they look so interesting I think I need one
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    Rocky Patel I-Press

    I'm not a huge RP fan....take 'em or leave 'em but this does intreague me quite a bit
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    I bought a Vinotemp, I hate you all..

    Re: I bought a Vino, I hate you all.. i feel your pain brother. EXACT same thing happened to me. Similar time frame as well. Welcome to the only gets better
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    My long awaited birthday smoke

    thank you everyone for the well being & birthday wishes. It means a lot The smoke was out of this world!! If only it could be a more affordable daily smoke :r Thanks again
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    My long awaited birthday smoke

    The last two months for me have been absolute shit. Professionally i'm doing great. In great standing with my current position & in the process to moving on to a career i've wanted to do for so long. My personal life on the other hand has been bringing me more than it's fair share of...