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    My Vinotemp RH problem

    This is the problem: I have 2 lbs of Heartfelt 65% RH beads in there, but it consistently sits at 70%. I've already talked to Heartfelt about this, and they sent me new beads, which I very lightly moistened and placed them in the Vino around April 15th. Same results. The beads are white and...
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    Rocky Patel Cuban Blend

    Anyone tried these yet? I saw them in the Famous Smoke catalog and they look tasty!
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    Smoking Ban Kills Bar Owner

    Taken from StogieGuys: According to the suicide note left by a German bartender, Germany’s new smoking ban was the reason that Uli Stegmeier killed himself. Newspaper reports say the bar owned by 60 year-old Stegmeier had seen a 20 percent drop off in customers since the ban went into effect...
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    Boston Legal Stogies - Wrapture or Davidoff?

    I was watching the show "Boston Legal" last night and wanted to know what kind of cigars Denny and Alan smoke. I started doing some searching and found conflicting answers. Some folks say they are Wrapture cigars, as they saw Melissa Hazelton on a morning show and she talked about Boston...
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    $50 to blow at famous, what would you get?

    My mom gave me a $50 gift certificate to famous-smoke for my birthday. Trying to decide what to buy. Don't want to spend much more than $100 including the gift cert. My first inclination is a box of Don Pepin Garcia Black Perla 1952 What would you buy and why?
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    5 Vegas Series A Atomic Vitola

    I love this vitola, but I've never seen a box of them for sale. I suppose the Artisan is the next best thing, but I want more Atomics! Anyone know if 5 Vegas even sells the Atomic vitola by the box? Atomic - 4.5" x 54 Artisan - 5" x 52
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    Soldier's Diary: Smoking Cigars in Baghdad

    I just came across this article, and thought it was cool. I know if I were over there, I'd love to have some stogies.,2933,194726,00.html
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    5 Vegas

    I lit up a Cusano 18 robusto a few minutes ago. I didn't really care for it and let it die in the ashtray. Went to the humidor and saw a 5 Vegas A Apex (box press toro) calling to me. I've had them for about 8 months and wow! This stick is awesome. I'm not real big on box pressed shape, but...
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    "Special Occasion" cigars

    I have a couple graycliffs I'm saving for a special occasion. However, I've never had a graycliff (these are blue label). If you've never had one of your "Special occasion" cigars before, they shouldn't be put in such a lofty position because they just might be terrible. Anticipation of an...
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    Cheapest Pepin

    Are there any reasonably priced cigars blended by The Great Don Pepin Garcia? I've had two and both were simply scrumptious - the CI Legends Yellow band and a black label robusto. I prefer a large ring gauge. I suppose the CI Legends Yellow will be my cheapest option, but I thought I'd throw...
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    Vinotemp Questions

    Now that I have the Vinotemp, I have some questions. The first one being about the drain hole and drainage. Where does the water come from? I noticed there is a big "V" going down the back wall from the fan, is that where the water would run down to the drain hole? It gets very humid here in...
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    Look what I picked up today

    It's on now brothers!
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    Woodcraft free shipping today (3-17-08)

    They are offering free shipping today for St. Patrick's day. So....I just ordered the Spanish cedar I'll need for the Vinotemp I'm going to buy tonight! :tu P.S. - I tried ordering the wood via their website but could not get it to work. I called customer service and they put my order right...
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    First box purchase!

    I've bought numerous bundles, but decided to buy a box for my birthday. I chose Oliva Serie O robusto naturals. Got free shipping and an Oliva 6 cigar sampler for free from Famous Smoke. The sampler consists of 1 Oliva Serie G Belicoso Maduro 5 X 52 1 Oliva Serie G...
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    Tonight's Smoke 3-13-08

    Cinco Vegas Gold Torpedo Excellent smoke so far. Straight burn, lots of, no buckets of cool creamy smoke. Taste wise it has more flavor than I thought it would. A nice tobacco flavor with hints of spice...almost a nutmeg flavor. I need more of these! Was thinking about a box of the Gold...
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    Tonight's Smoke 3-11-08

    The weather was beautiful here today so I sat on the back porch and lit up a Padron 2000. I think it was a Maduro wrapper. (thanks to Mr. Maduro!) What are you smoking tonight?
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    Snow Stogie

    Oliva Special G Maduro :tu
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    Birthday Box...what would you buy?

    I was about to order a box of Oliva Serie O Robustos when I thought "I wonder what other gorillas would buy for around the same amount?" So for around $75 - $100 what box would you buy?
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    The weather will warm soon...

    So I thought I'd throw in a few bids at Cbid. Well here is my first win, a perfect stogie for looooong afternoons. Flor de Oliva Gigante (8"x52) The Oliva serie G special is for size comparison, it is 3.75"x48.
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    Wooden Cigar Indian

    My dad got this years ago, and now it has come to live at my house. He said it came out of the Houston Astrodome. It is about 6' 6" or so and weighs a good 300 lbs (guesstimate). I'm thinking about stripping it and repainting or staining it.