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    need help fast! im at walmartl

    i am looking at 2 coolers. a 28 qt coleman that feels as if it seeals well and a 48 qt igloo or rubbermaid that seal alright as they feel. what one should i get
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    how many beeds... again

    Looking at gettin a smaller cooler from walmart... dont really know what size but it will be smaller than 50. how many beads... i was thinking half a pound
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    What does this mean?

    When they say "all-natural tobacco product with no homogenized components"? im guessing not the same throughout?
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    Dutch Masters.... eww

    So i was at walmart tonight and i wanted to see what kind of smokes they had behind the tobacco isle... I was going to try some backwoods and then i saw the dutch masters so i thought i would give those a try... boy was that a mistake Got home, went outside with laptop and lit it up. I was...
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    Anyone get good wallyworld cigars?

    Seeing if anyone has come across any good cigars at wal mart... just curious
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    Coolerdor questions

    Have to put beads on the inside of lid because the humidity will sink? Or just put on the sides? Have problems with the valve on bottom of cooler that is used to empty water? Have to modify it somehow?
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    Good Golfing Cigar?

    what you recommend?
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    Storing boxes in coolerdor vertically? Ok?

    Is it alright to store boxes of cigars vertically in a horizontal cooler (sitting how it should)
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    What cigar you recommend?

    Looking for a cigar similar to the discontinued Drew Estate Kahlua. I like DE cigars and am looking for something similar to this stick. I picked up come Helix Remix, recommended by my B&M so looking forward to those. I like the sweet aftertaste that the Kahlua leaves on the lips, as well as...
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    Al Capone cigarillos?

    Anyone like these?
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    Anyone tried these?

    Looking to get some "different" cigars and real interested in what they are like... anyone know anything about these? Acid Kuba Kuba Acid Blondie Kahlua by Drew Estate
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    Had a good gas station/drugstore cigar?

    Anyone get any good sticks from a gas station or drugstore worth mentioning?
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    Reliable Hygro?

    Anyone have recommendations on the best hygro out there?
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    Oliva Serie V Liga Escpecial tonight

    Decided its time to try one of these today and i am soooo excited! Looks like a great smoke
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    Can i bring back my old Humi?

    So heres the deal. I have a small humi i am trying to bring back to life. I havent used it in a long time and i was wondering if it was possible to make it functional once more. I have pulled it out of the closet and open it up to find a old hygro (digital) and it reads 51%. I am currently...
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    How many beads for 70qt cooler

    Is a pound of beads going to do it? it is around 9300 cu inches, which would be around 17 ounces... (70qt cooler) Thanks
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    How much should palio be?

    Looking to purchase one of these... how much should they be around? Good reviews? Thanks
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    Give dad a taste of the good life!

    Got my Dad some goodies today... What will his reaction be like? Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso (24) Padron 3000 (26) not done yet... I will be getting one of these for myself... very cool ashtray! Thanks all
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    Best butane for Ronson JetLite

    Got two of them today and when i need to refuel, what should I use? The ronson butane, vector, or what? p.s. ppl who have this lighter had good results?
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    butane gas

    where can you get some butane to fill lighters back up... Wal Mart???