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    need help fast! im at walmartl

    thanks guys for all the input. i went with the 48qt igloo. pretty excited about it! thanks again
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    need help fast! im at walmartl

    yea i will but i dunno if it seals well its rubbermaid or igloo. what one?
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    need help fast! im at walmartl

    i am looking at 2 coolers. a 28 qt coleman that feels as if it seeals well and a 48 qt igloo or rubbermaid that seal alright as they feel. what one should i get
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    Cutting or punching cigars..what do you prefer?

    i love the punch cutters... punch is the way to go
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    how many beeds... again

    Looking at gettin a smaller cooler from walmart... dont really know what size but it will be smaller than 50. how many beads... i was thinking half a pound
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    Hygrometer Calibration Problem?

    go with digital, analog is rarely reliable... i had a similar situation with my analog. i was calibrating and i just couldnt get it to settle at the right point, it was way under target mark. switched to digital and worked like a charm! good luck
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    High School Reunion Cigar?

    Go with a Padron x000 series cant go wrong
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    Dutch Masters.... eww

    yea i smoke a padron at least 3 times a week lol i was just curious cause i see people talking about them on here
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    What does this mean?

    finally a logical answer lol thank you! so homogenized is pretty much machine made and non is just natural? i was just looking online at some machine mades and non and it said black n milds are homogenized and backwoods are not??? so i guess that makes sense...
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    What does this mean?

    what? what are you talking about
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    What does this mean?

    what about this... "wrapped in a homogenized wrapper and binder"
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    What does this mean?

    what would it mean if it said it is homogenized?
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    What does this mean?

    so what would it mean if it said it is homogenized?
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    What does this mean?

    When they say "all-natural tobacco product with no homogenized components"? im guessing not the same throughout?
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    Dutch Masters.... eww

    So i was at walmart tonight and i wanted to see what kind of smokes they had behind the tobacco isle... I was going to try some backwoods and then i saw the dutch masters so i thought i would give those a try... boy was that a mistake Got home, went outside with laptop and lit it up. I was...
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    Anyone get good wallyworld cigars?

    Seeing if anyone has come across any good cigars at wal mart... just curious
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    Coolerdor questions

    Have to put beads on the inside of lid because the humidity will sink? Or just put on the sides? Have problems with the valve on bottom of cooler that is used to empty water? Have to modify it somehow?
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    Good Golfing Cigar?

    what you recommend?
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    Storing boxes in coolerdor vertically? Ok?

    Is it alright to store boxes of cigars vertically in a horizontal cooler (sitting how it should)
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    What cigar you recommend?

    :r im already in non-flavored smokes... im just looking for something close to what i liked... this aint my first rodeo :tu