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    My long awaited birthday smoke

    The last two months for me have been absolute shit. Professionally i'm doing great. In great standing with my current position & in the process to moving on to a career i've wanted to do for so long. My personal life on the other hand has been bringing me more than it's fair share of...
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    vinotemp newbie.....uh ohhhh

    Alright, as you can see a few posts down i just got my vino...up and running. Just loaded it up today with all my smokes. Before i loaded it up i put empty boxes in & 1lb of heartfelt 65% beads. temp is spot on, humidity was rock solid at 65 for two days it was time to load it...
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    Finally Got My Vinotemp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    alright, well i started off here and only had a 50ct humi.....soon that turned into a 150 ct humi. Well, as we all know 150ct doesn't really hold 150 smokes, soooo, i was soon overflowing. I took a while, did my research & tried making up my mind on vino vs. you can see i chose...
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    Alright, i made a post a few weeks ago regarding whether to get a vino or to get a cooler costs vs effectiveness came into play etc etc. I thought i had my mind made up on a cooler, however target has the vino's on sale right now for 170 (as of right now i have the money to afford either one...
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    is this vinotemp worth it????/

    Found this on my local craigslist & it seems like too good of a deal to pass up, however it's an older vino so im unsure. for $60 though i might just have to give it a whirl. WHat do you guys think???
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    let the coolidoor begin....thanks to you jerks & this slope

    :r Thanks to all of you, continuously nudging me down the slope, i've lost room in my 100ct humidor....the small tupperware container i use for overflow is slowly filling up so i've given up, i'm buying a cooler. Just bought 1 pound of beads from heartfelt, i have two boxes to and one tray...
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    11pm......the countdown begins

    I'm at work, and when i get off I have a back yard full of co-workers, grilling & cigars to attend to. I have a Padron '26 Natural #6 wating on me & maybe a Londres Maduro after that one. Come ooooooonnnnnn 11 o'clock hope you all have an equally, if not better night/evening coming on up
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    Vinotemp vs. Cooler???

    Vinotemp or a cooler???? which would you buy, given the price difference of the two. I'm weighing my options. Right now i have a humi that is bursting at the seams and a few tupperwear containers that are starting to fill up. I need something bigger....i'm just wondering what the...
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    Tupper-a-door 101???

    Hello there. I'm still a newbie, and i have a 100ct humidor that i bought of a fellow gorilla a while ago. Got one hell of a deal on it & has been treating me right ever since. HOWEVER thanks to all of you i need more space. I'm thinking using a larger tupperware container. Don't really...
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    take me to connecticutt

    check out this one day deal from not sure if these smokes are up anyones ally or not but i enjoy almost all of them, and if i had room in the humi i'd be ordering....just figured id share for those that might not know about it.'s one day deal all of these for $50...
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    What a way to start the day.

    Woke up this morning, went to the post office to send out my portion of the newbie sampler trade to gnukfu. Grabbed a bite to eat at chik-fila (yummmmmm) and came home. Got my 4 bags of coffee from jerry @ KillerBeans so i decided to roast up a few. My buddy came over and we sat out on the...
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    Hygrometer.....calibur III?????

    I need a new hygrometer for my new desktop humi. I've been using analog in my old one and now i need a digital. Is one brand of digital hygro better than any other??? I hear alot of you use the Calibur III' guessing that's the best to go with. Just wanted to hear what you all...
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    Which box to buy?????

    I'm at a crossroads in my box buying. I'm going to my B&M this week to purchas a box of padrons....... Do i buy the Londres or the padron 2000's? Theres an obvious price difference (Londres being the cheaper of the two) however i wanted to know what my fellow BOTLs would choose between the...
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    What lighter to buy????

    I know there've been a couple threads like this that i found in the search but most of them were old....i want to know your opinions now. My cheapy dollar store lighter just took a crap on me. It was bulky and uncomfortable to carry in my pocket. I was looking around at what lighters to...
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    What Are You All Doing To Me!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously i am so screwed. beyond belief. before i joined here i might have smoked once a month and my humidor was close to empty, i mean, i only had like 5 sticks left & wasn't sure what i was going to fill it up with. Then came CS. Since i've been here everyone has been so helpful with...
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    Noob reviews: Oliva Serie G

    (I posted this in the wrong forum earlier today so now i'm correcting it, my apologies) This is my very first review on here so cut me some slack if i suck haha Cut off the cap....pre light draw felt excelent & the wrapper left a woodsy / spicy taste in my mouth....but not over done. wrapper...
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    Newbies first review: Oliva Serie G

    This is my very first review on here so cut me some slack if i suck haha Cut off the cap....pre light draw felt excelent & the wrapper left a woodsy / spicy taste in my mouth....but not over done. wrapper was nice and firm all the way down. no hard or soft spots and no obtrusive veins. Looks...
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    Montecristo Platinum

    I have no idea if these are quality smokes or not, haven't had the chance to try them yet....but for $9.95 i figured i'd give it a whirl. saw it in Maxim magazine the other day, so i checked it out and place my order. If they're not good smokes....don't...