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    Lets talk petite coronas

    I suggest Don Pepin Garcia Black Label 1952 La Perlas They are delicious!
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    Which CI Legends do you like the best?

    I think the Yellows are fantastic for the price! Reds are good too. Haven't tried any others but would like to.
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    My Vinotemp RH problem

    The Vino is not packed - I've got room for a lot more. I might go the 60% beads route, although the last time I contacted David at Heartfelt, I got no response.
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    My Vinotemp RH problem

    Travis - Is your Vino a thermo electric model? If it isn't that is your problem. I know you are looking for help too but you really should start your own thread. Thanks!
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    My Vinotemp RH problem

    I have two western caliber III's that when left overnight, read the same %. I've done the salt test and they both read the same +-1%. I've replaced the batteries in both but I can't remember how long it has been. I really don't feel like it is a battery issue. I've taken 1/4 lbs beads in a...
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    My Vinotemp RH problem

    This is the problem: I have 2 lbs of Heartfelt 65% RH beads in there, but it consistently sits at 70%. I've already talked to Heartfelt about this, and they sent me new beads, which I very lightly moistened and placed them in the Vino around April 15th. Same results. The beads are white and...
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    If you could go back

    Same thing about bundles. Wait a little, save a little, and buy good cigars.
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    Rocky Patel Cuban Blend

    Anyone tried these yet? I saw them in the Famous Smoke catalog and they look tasty!
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    32 pepins [Cigar Pron]

    Nice pickups!!!
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    CFO Reserve #7..... a love story

    Got one that was gifted to me resting right now. I got two, but the first one had an ammonia taste.
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    I finally know what I like!

    It's nice to find what you like, but my advice is don't go overboard buying maduros. When I first started I really liked them too, but now I tend to crave a natural wrapper more often. :2
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    Do you Smoke Cigarettes???

    smoked cigarettes for 11 years. My advice is to set a quit date and stick to it.
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    Illusione ~MK~ Photographic Review

    Two Words: Killer Beans
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    The UPS man was good to me today

    Nice pick ups! They look delicious :tu
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    Don Pepin - You evil man

    I got a box of the perlas a couple weeks ago and they are fantastic little smokes.
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    Which Olivas

    Re: Which Oliveros Serie O is one of my favorite stogies :ss
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    burnt out on cigars?

    Ya just take a day off and see how it goes :tu
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    Smoking Ban Kills Bar Owner

    Taken from StogieGuys: According to the suicide note left by a German bartender, Germany’s new smoking ban was the reason that Uli Stegmeier killed himself. Newspaper reports say the bar owned by 60 year-old Stegmeier had seen a 20 percent drop off in customers since the ban went into effect...
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    The Summer "Yard-Gar" - Myth or Legend?

    I might not grab an expensive stick for yard work, but I've made the decision to stop buying cheap cigars for yard work or for any other reason. Life is too short for dog rockets.