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    what's up w/Opus X?

    i was at my local today picking up a few sticks & noticed something different-on the box of Perfection 4's they had, there was an additional label that said "Serie X"-the boxes of Perfection X's & robustos didn't have this xtra tag-anyone know what the deal is?-TIA
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    King B - Fuente

    i've heard a lot about these & my local got a box in so i grabbed a couple-they've been sitting around 64% for a month, figured i'd fire one up tonite-these are part of the chateau SG series, supposably a little fuller bodied-think i paid around $8 ea-anywho, here's the results prelight taste -...
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    old henry corona

    figured i throw a short one up here-had this today out in the shed w/the heater kickin', sunday cartoons on the tube-it had been sitting in the humi for about 3 wks @ 63% to acclimate after the trip from holt's-pepin blended nicaraguan, corojo wrap-listed as full body, i think more med/full...
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    RyJ cabinet selection

    Picked up one of the corona sizes a few weeks ago, after sitting at 66% it was ready last nite-darker wrapper than the 1875, good construction, maybe a tad underfilled-ash was white but a little flaky-med/full to full in body increasing in body as I smoked it-tastes were predominately wood (oak...
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    excellent customer service

    most of y'all already know, but this guy's a step above-david/viper 130 from is one helluva guy-over the past few weeks, he's gone above & beyond to help me w/some trouble i've been having-being as this level of customer service is rare these days, i just wanted to make sure he got...
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    H. Upmann Signature Double Eagle maduro

    that's a mouthful, ain't it?!-this one's been sitting for a few months in the humi between 62% & 67%-tried the natural version about a month ago, wasn't impressed-paid $6.50, about 5.5x50 w/a perfecto tip, tapered round head-dark brown wrap, decent fill (maybe a little underfilled), draw has...
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    anyone heard from Viper lately?

    just curious, been trying to contact thru heartfelt & no luck:confused:
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    humidity/hygrometer/beads question

    i'm having some weird stuff happen w/the readings on my hygro's, hopefully y'all have an idea or 2 for me-a few weeks ago i got 60% beads to put in my humi's, leaving 65% beads in the coolers-i also got another hygroset digi adjustable w/boveda calibration kit-before calibrating, i bought new...
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    prepaid cc's for online orders

    on the recommendation of several BOTL's, i'd like to use prepaid cc's for my online orders-was wondering 1)where can you get them? and 2)are they used like a regular cc during checkout? (do all sites accept them?-TIA
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    Pelo De Oro corona by Felipe Gregorio

    my 1st review, bear w/me!-i picked up a few of these after hearing how they used a type of tobacco that hadn't been used since the embargo-maybe it's hype, but they got me-had a tight draw that relaxed after a light massage-lit easily, smooth smoke no harshness-i'm no good at describing flavors...
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    beetle question

    after finding beetle holed cigar in my humi, is there anything i need to do to the humi itself?-i froze the sticks, but wondered if there is some way to "disinfect" the humi
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    cigar & drink pairings

    tonite i went outside to smoke an opus x robusto-since it's not everyday that i can do this, i took a minute to think of a drink to pair it with-being as i don't drink the obvious choices were eliminated, so i ended up going w/a quintuple iced espresso-turned out to be a great pair!-the spice of...
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    How long after freezing....

    ...should you wait until firing one up?-just had my 1st beetle experience, never had to deal w/this b4 & was wondering-TIA
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    aging vs. resting

    i guess this is just a pet peeve of mine, but i sorta giggle when i hear someone refer to "aging" their cigar for a couple of weeks-i didn't know any better when i started smoking either, so i thought i'd pass along what i was told aging is a process that cigars can go through, given the...
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    just about burnt the house down!

    picked up a can of lava butane today at my local-have heard a lot about it on the boards, & figured i'd give it a shot-well, i filled up the tabletop torch, clicked it on, & damn near set the computer desk on fire!-i mean, 2 ft flame shooting out the front-thank god i wasn't trying to light...
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    DPG Blue

    so what's the deal w/these things?-i've heard lots about them for months, stories of burn problems & perfect burns, med body to "knock ya dead" full body, some inconsistency is what i'm saying i guess-fired one up today after a month at 63 to 65%-good construction, good burn, good draw-flavor on...
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    never had an "edge" like this b4

    had a rough day today, reached for an "edge" to knock me back in my seat-was looking forward to the spice blast & fired it up-got very little spice outta this one-instead it had a very sweet taste-i've never had a corojo wrapped stick ever taste like this before, anyone else?-it may have been...
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    Pirate's Gold

    anyone else try these?-got some offa cbid & after waiting 2wks for them to dry out to a smokable level (please cbid, quit hosing em down b4 ya ship em!) i tried one today-pretty smooth, med/full body, not bad for the $-i've heard conflicting stories on who the maker is, some say Rolando Reyes Sr...
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    cut off from cbid

    well, after my binge last week & getting carried away this week, i've removed cbid from my favorites menu & closed my acct!-just don't hav any self control-come july (my birthday) i'm sure i'll open another acct, but for now it's gotta be done-this week's victims: la aurora pref. gold single...
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    i've fallen & i can't get up

    posted about 2 wks ago that i was starting to fall down the slope-well, now thanks to ResIpsa & The Donators, the fall's getting faster-due to the gifts from the guys, i had to start a cooler-and ya can't just have it almost empty now, can ya?!-since the 16th the devil site is feeding well from...