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    Help me indentify this Perdomo cigar

    ESV Fresco Lot 23 Champagne
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    Weight, Cigars, Doctors!

    congrats on the weight loss & improvement of your health!-i had high BP & high cholesterol not long ago, the first things the doc said were to quit smoking (cigs/pipe/cigars) & to drink decaf coffee-told her i'd do some checking & get back to her-decaf is worse than sex w/a condom & no way i was...
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    Keeping em lit

    purging : blowing back thru the cigar, w/ or w/o lighting the end 1st-just burns off the tar that builds up as you smoke
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    Oliva "Special S" Review

    just had one this last sat-your review is spot on-i felt like it was more med bodied than full though-a good stick, but for the $ there's those i like better
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    Coolidor and Temperature Control

    the refreezeable blue ice pks work fine for me-i just wrap them in an old tshirt or towel & put 'em in the cooler, switch 'em out in the AM-never had the RH "dry up" personally-the cooler is sealed, doesn't breathe unlike a humi-there's no place for the humidity to go-if condensation forms on...
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    Uh oh?

    good grief, talk about :mn thanks to the guys that know for straightening it out
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    OK I give up on this stupid......

    if your cigars are humidified when you put them in the jar, you shouldn't need any humidification device-the jar should be airtight, not breathe like a normal humi made of wood-if the cigars you put in are from cbid or CI (who notoriously ship wet) then it's no wonder the RH is so high
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    TNT JDN Alt Sorta Review

    good stick for the $-they remind me more of the JdN celeb than the antano
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    ever heard of black pearl

    the black pearl robo is a criollo wrap, med/full, earthy w/a tang to it after 2 yrs rest-they're good fresh too-the standard La Perla Habana is one of the few Indonesian wrapped sticks i like
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    CAO Mx2

    most maduros (especially double maduros) have thick wrappers that hold a lot of moisture-combine that w/the higher RH that most shops keep their humi at & it makes for a hard draw-try dryboxing for a few days or store 'em at a lower RH (65% ish) b4 smoking
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    Trying to quit dipping and only focus on cigars

    i was a part of this group-had a few "slips" in the beginning, but going strong now-a lot of people substitute something for what they're quitting, for me i used cigars & took up pipe smoking-now i use nasal snuff when i can't smoke, works well for me-people say it's just as addicting, but i can...
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    First Nicotine Buzz from a Cigar

    happened to me w/a sancho panza torp when i 1st started smoking cigars-inhaling might have had something to do w/it too-i don't inhale anymore, but haven't found one that'll set me back like that for awhile
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    Am I Really Crazy?

    i did when i 1st started (& still smoked cigs)-a sancho panza torp cured me of that
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    Ceramic Blade Cigar Cutter?

    seems like it would make a good "at home" cutter where there's carpeted floors (i'm clumsy)
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    I feel betrayed, would you?

    i'm a big fan of being honest & up front w/people so i'd sit down & talk w/him when there's not others around-maybe you can come to an agreement w/him, maybe not-never know unless you try
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    what's up w/Opus X?

    buddie a mine did some digging, here's what he found... "The "Series X" cigars are a blend of Opus that is somewhat milder/smoother than the normal Opus blend, but the tobacco is the same Opus X tobacco. The Series X blended Opus X cigars were created pre-1999 for a celebration Carlito was...
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    mouth cancer

    :sl don't feed the troll
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    Robusto cigar's

    that "smoke 1/2 way down" is a bunch of Zino Davidoff crap (IMHO)-lucky for me i'm a cheap bastage & found that the last 1/3 of the stick can often be the best as for the PC size losing flavor, i thought the same until i started smoking them-if you like coronas, it's a pretty good bet you'll...
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    what's up w/Opus X?

    i was at my local today picking up a few sticks & noticed something different-on the box of Perfection 4's they had, there was an additional label that said "Serie X"-the boxes of Perfection X's & robustos didn't have this xtra tag-anyone know what the deal is?-TIA
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    Advice on how to lower heat level in humidor with No air cond. at home.

    i don't think it should matter if the moisture is in the air (RH) or condensed on the ice pack in the form of water drops, it's still the same amount of moisture & the reading should stay the same-hygros will drop the RH as temp drops, it's just the way they read IME-i'm not a humidity expert...