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    Ronson Tech Torch (Micro Torch)

    What: Ronson Tech Torch (Micro Torch) Price: $~29 Place: Wal-Mart I picked it up at my local Wal-Mart near the plumbing/lighting section. I filled it up with some Vector butane. I didn't bother using the Ronson butane it came with. The tank holds over 20g of fuel. It's a well built...
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    Springfield Hygrometer ($6.47) from Wal-Mart

    Springfield Precise Temp Hygrometer Price: $6.47 Place: Local Wal-Mart I picked it up at my local Wal-Mart near the paints, glues, etc. section. It requires a 1 AAA battery (not included) to operate. It has a magnetic strip on the back of the pager-like clip to attach it to metal surfaces...
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    Acu-Rite 00613 Digital Hygrometer from Wal-Mart

    Acu-Rite 00613 Digital Hygrometer Price: $7-9 at Wal-Mart I found this hygrometer near the paints, glues, sealants, etc. I guess they vary from Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart. Just ask a clerk where the thermometers are and (if they speak English :D) they'll point you towards the right direction...
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    Ronson JetLite Torch Lighter

    First off, this short review is dedicated to CS member bobarian for providing the lighter. I couldn't find any at local Wal-Marts. He was kind enough to send me one. I was really surprised by this lighter. It's a very simple and basic lighter that gets the job done time after time. It...