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    Maverick Humidors?

    (In Sarah Palin's voice) Well ya know if ya take your cigars and put them in a Maverick humidor it makes them all "mavericky"! Sorry, I just had to!! In case you're scratching your head lookup SNL's skit on the VP debate. :D :chk Rev.
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    Anyone find they can determine draw by feel?

    Well, I first take out the cigar and feel along the entire length by gently pinching it. I also kinda get a feel of the weight. I've noticed a lot of the cigars that I have feel more weighty than others of the same size often tend to be packed tight. Also, by noticing if the cigar is humidified...
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    Anyone find they can determine draw by feel?

    I guess I just got lucky then with the 5 I tested, that's why I was wondering. All the ones I tried determining the draw on were NC's. But it was odd cause I was spot on with each. I guess after some more I will certainly run into some that I will be wrong on. :hn Thanks for the replies. Rev.
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    Anyone find they can determine draw by feel?

    As of late I've noticed I can quite accurately determine whether a cigar I'm about to smoke will have tight draw, be too loose, or just right simply by feeling the cigar with the typical pinch technique. I've accurately judged the draw on the last 5 cigars I've pulled out of my humi so far...
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    Clouds of smoke?

    Well the ones I listed are on the full bodied side. The Bolivar Cofradia is full bodied whereas the Onyx Reserve is medium-full. I'm not so sure the strength of the cigars has such an influence on the smoke cause another one I've had with tons of smoke is the Romeo Y Julieta Vintage (glass...
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    Clouds of smoke?

    Bolivar Cofradia's - first thing that struck me was how much smoke was coming out of my mouth. Also, another one I've had with tons of smoke is an Onyx Reserve (at least I believe it was). Rev.
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    :r Haha, whatdaya know! Rev.
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    North Carolina JR Cigars

    Let me know what you think of them. The Bolivar Cofradia 654 are my current favorite stogie! @Studebaker - I have a box of 10 Suntuoso En Tubos and while they taste good so far every one I've had is rolled a bit too tight. Not unsmokeable of course but the regular Cofradia's have a perfect...
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    Cigar draw and Padron's

    As a number of people have mentioned, I too have noticed the Oliva's tend to be a bit tight. Not unsmokeable of course but I would prefer it to be right in the middle. Personally I would prefer a slightly tighter draw over a slightly loose draw - reason is too loose and it's like I'm sucking air...
  10. R Atta-Boy

    Yep, I got two humi's from them too. One is mine and the second I bought for a friend. Smooth transaction, great communication, and very satisfied. Rev.
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    LOL, that Vinotemp company must be making 90% or more of their income from cigar smokers :r And I bet if someone told the company execs their products were mainly being used for a humidor rather than wine storage they'd be in complete disbelief and refuse to believe it :D Rev.
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    20 Count Humidor...needs me a Hygrometer

    Western Caliber III - very slim, has a magnet so you can attach however you like, is no more than $20, and is very accurate. Just get one ;) Rev.
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    My pleasure! Hey, have you ever tried Bolivar Cofradia's...

    My pleasure! Hey, have you ever tried Bolivar Cofradia's?
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    Yep, helpful to me cause I am having the same issue with my new heartfelt beads. I overwatered them, not intentionally though. I followed the instructions and they didn't appear to be absorbing the water so I jostled it around in the dish (got the puck type) then all of a sudden the beads...
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    Nibo Triple Jet Lighter (with video)

    I honestly can't comment on those two as I've never used them, but seriously... if you want to get one lighter and forget about the lighter dilemma get a Blazer PB-207! Your insert might have dissappointed, though many here swear by them and I personally haven't used it but I can completely...
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    To be honest, the stress of you worrying about health problems is probably more damaging to you than the few cigars you smoke a week. I too only smoke a few a week, mostly on the weekend. I too won't go crazy with it and smoke daily because I would then be concerned. However, like everyone else...
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    Props for Mom

    Nibo's really aren't that bad at all. However, they're not always a click once and light lighter. Mine was for a while but now I often find I have to click it twice to light it. I found a trick that works well and uses the same amount of fuel as clicking once. Jiggle the ignitor button around...
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    Beads, Hygrometers, Lighters...

    I'll be honest, despite what everyone says I started off using my humi after only one full day and I've been fine since. This is what I did: First I did like you did and wiped down the interior of the humidor with clean paper towels dampened (NOT dripping wet!) with distilled water. Let that...
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    Beads, Hygrometers, Lighters...

    I just received my Heartfelt beads yesterday and put them in my humi when I got home. Just order the small round puck type that's already filled with beads: Works pretty much just like the floral foam one when it comes to...
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    Heartfelt Beads

    Just got my Heartfelt 70% bead "puck type" humidifier today. I followed the instructions on filling a bowl 1/8" to 1/4" and put the puck in face down. After leaving it there shortly and monitoring it none of the beads where changing so I jostled it around a little and all of a sudden all the...