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    Between St Augustine and Daytona

    I'm heading down to my place in Palm Coast at the end of the month for 2 weeks. Any good cigar/tobacco shops in the area? I've read there are some places in St. Augustine...not sure where. I'll definitely be smoking a few at the pier in Flagler! :tu
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    Cigar Bags

    Club Stogie Members, I have run many 5 compartment bag group buys in the past. many that my AKA is "The Bagman". I am not sure when or if I'll be running these again, so if anyone wants to "pick up the ball" on this, I am more than happy to get you all the information and give you...
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    Philadelphia-Mahogany on Walnut

    Mahogany on Walnut 1524 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 (215) 732 3982 Great place to enjoy your favorite smoke. Sit back and relax in a comfortable chair and have a drink. Good snack food too. This is where the “Philly Crew” hangs out, so it’s got to be good...
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    Some "Pepin" cigar reviews

    I came across reviews of 8 Don Pepin Garcia cigars...for any "Pepin Whores" who are interested. Legends Series Yellow Padilla Edicion Especial Achilles Habana Leon Havana Soul Sancti Spiritus Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles Hirsh y Garcia Nacionales Read them here: Don Pepin Garcia .
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    Foam inserts...

    I saw a thread recently that mentioned a place where "foam inserts" are sold separately for travel humis. Can't seem to find it. Anyone remember?
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    Ready for Spring

    I know that it depends on where you live but I'm ready for spring! Can't wait to get outside again...sit on the patio with a good cigar and a favorite beverage. Can't wait to fire up the grill and enjoy the outdoors again. Today was 67 degrees in Jersey and although it won't last long, this...
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    20 ct. Humi. (with pics)

    A while ago I purchase this Fluted Jar at Walmart, under $10.00 I believe. Holds humidity perfectly and stores around 20 sticks. I find them handy for temporary storage of new cigars before placing them in my primary humidor(s). Credo is mounted to the lid with velcro or you can use a bead tube...
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    Shipping Boxes

    I received a very small boxed package from another member a while ago. It was smaller than the priority shipping boxes, 81/2" X 5" X 1", that I get at the USPS store online. They're probably half the width of these and perfect for shipping a few cigars. USPS store doesn't have them. I'd...
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    New Ashtray (Porn)

    For Christmas, I gifted my brother-in-law a set of Henry's LE Personalized Cigar Tools. This week, I received this as his "belated" gift to me. Tommy Bahama 88 Club Ashtray: What a great lookin' piece!
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    Smelly situation...

    I'm trying to get a humidor free of an odor from some Javas that I recently removed and had in it for many months. There's a strong chocolate smell in it and I want to start using it for non-flavored cigar storage. I put in some baking soda for about three days now and it seems to be working...
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    "Man Shack Baby!"

    :D Just for fun...this was inspired by several recent threads discussing "wives" and the building of "Man Shacks" (... from the B52s "Love Shack".) "Man Shack" If you see a faded sign by the side of the road that says 15 miles to the... ‘Man...
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    "Unofficial...Show Us Your Anejos Pic Thread"

    Couldn't resist another post for the "frenzy". :) Show us whatcha got!
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    The Long and Winding Road...

    A while ago, I started out with this: Then I got this: When I filled it up I bought this: And when that wasn’t big enough, I went out and got this: And when that was full, I went out and got another:
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    Pepin Reviews...

    Interesting read on Don Pepin Garcia's brands: Blue Label, Serie JJ, Habana Leon, Havana Soul and Cuban Diplomat...and a little bio. too. Article comes from Cigar Envy "The man makes very good cigars."-quote from the article
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    Just a Little "Pepin" Porn...

    Got a package today. :) Old Henry Toros :dr "Lookin' good" :dr
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    Old Henry

    I'm smoking one of Pepin's newer cigars, the Old Henry Toro, 6 X 52. Not gonna do a full review, I'll save that for our resident "Pepin Ho", as promised. I'll just say that this is another typical Don "Pepin" Garcia smoke...full bodied and plenty of smoke, nice rich spice and "toasty" tobacco...
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    Reflections from a Lowland Gorilla...

    I guess I’ve reached another milestone with this post…more bananas and a new user title. I’ve been here for more than 6 months, so some may say I’m moving along at a snails pace…but during my stay, I’ve participated in many trades, joined in several buys and initiated a group buy, reviewed...
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    Henry's Cigar Tools...Put to the test.

    They look nice, their well made... but will they work? I went to a herf today and I proudly took my tools with me to show the guys. They passed them around and commented on how nice they looked and how well made they seemed. I put the tools away. Later in the day, one of the guys asked if he...
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    “The Things We Say About Our Cigars…A Different Perspective”

    Couldn’t resist another list of quotes taken directly from the Cigar Review Lounges, out of context of course, but some interesting reading for sure. “Noobie Knocking at the Door” “I plopped down on the comfy couch and popped in a movie to watch.” “…my neighbor came over.” “…still quite...
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    "The Things We Say About Our Cigars"

    When I go back and read reviews, I’m often amused by some of the words used to describe one of our favorite pastimes. Obviously these direct quotes, taken from the Cigar Reviews, are out of context but they do make for some interesting reading… “She lit up nice and even from the start and...