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    So how many So. CA BOTL are there?

    INTREPER--John R., f/Irvine. I'm usually in Murrieta during the week for work. Shabalula--I'm Joe and I'm from the Riverside area (Nuevo). wcktalvrg--Brian A., f/Costa Mesa. I work in Irvine so I'm pretty much there all the time. raralith--Joseph H--Los Angeles--- Savor the Stick--Kevin J. from...
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    Prayers sent.
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    Nice profile picture!

    Nice profile picture!
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    Hoping for a diagnosis this time...

    Good luck on a diagnosis and hopefully some relief. Prayers sent.
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    Thoughts for my Mother

    God's speed. My condolences.
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    My money's on you Gerry. Mr Dolphin shorts has too much sand in his pockets to beat you!

    My money's on you Gerry. Mr Dolphin shorts has too much sand in his pockets to beat you!
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    Some good vibes for Shilala

    Hope things get better soon :tu
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    Distilled Water

    If it's hanging out with a rough crowd? :r Shake it up and fill a clear glass about 1/3 full. Swirl the glass and look for particles floating in the water. If they rise to the surface, it is probably air bubbles. If the stay suspended or sink to the bottom, you have bugs growing in the...
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    Please say a quick one for my...

    Good luck :tu
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    Hurricane Ike - Restoring Power

    Good luck all, prayers sent.
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    Sling Psychrometer

    Different salts will give different relative humidity when they are saturated, vis a vis this link e.g. You might try posting this in the coffee forum. Those guys can be a little OCD with their measurements and fuddling and fussing around. I bet you might even get a good discussion going on...
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    Sling Psychrometer

    DO you like coffee?
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    I Could Use A Little Gorilla Healing Power

    Karma sent .... GWS
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    We will miss you Harold

    God's speed.
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    Pics from Jacksonville Herf

    Next time I get out that way I'll be sure to stop in.....:tu
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    I hate to do this. A stupid newb question

    On a tight budget? You might try the AF curly head or curly head deluxe. Short filler, but still a god smoke.
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    Help me pick a Celebratory Smoke!

    Congrats on the promotion. If you've been saving all of them for a special occasion, then anyone of them is worthy of this special occasion. Get something to drink and take two of them outside. If the first one doesn't float your boat after the first third, light up the other one -- ENJOY :2
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    We need an OC Crew (Orange County)

    Even I have my principles -- but I'll defer to the magilla that has more RG than me and burns dirt for a living.....:tu
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    Tips or Tricks for cigars/smoke smell

    Plus it keeps his brain warm........:tu
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    Hello ... Hello ... Hello Again

    Welcome back to the jungle -- still remember your cigar band thread fondly - lots of good bands in that thread. :tu