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    Childhood Friend Hits The Big Time

    I was reading the Chicago paper today and ran across this article concerning the fight in Illinois concerning the smoking ban. They quoted a guy that I grew up with and thought ya'll might find it interesting: Some tavern owners say they are following the letter of the law while creatively...
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    I am not the whiney kind and I've debated on whether to make this public. However, I'm a little frustrated and so I'll share. I have not been a regular bidder on cbid because...well, I'm afraid I'll win and then I'll have to pay for them. However, with the 4th of July coming up, I decided to...
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    B&M in Little Rock

    Yesterday I was in Little Rock to visit my best friend who is in the ICU. Following visiting him and his family my wife and daughters went shopping and dropped me off at the local B&M. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Upon entering I was greeted warmly, shown to the humidor and...
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    Shipping Question

    I recently ordered for my first time from CigarMonster. I received their tracking information and they said the estimated delivery time would not be until Monday. I bought them the Monday before. I like the free shipping, but other companies usually get them to me in 3 days. (All companies...
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    Congratulations Mikko!

    Many of you know Mikko (eriksson20). I just received word that he is a daddy for the first time! On Jan. 14th Max Mikael made his appearance into the world. Congratulations are going to be a great dad. Give your wife a hug for all of us on CS!
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    Humidifier Placement

    I ran a search on this and it came back empty. If it has been addressed, please forgive the redundency. Last Christmas my daughter bought me a glass top (plexiglass) humidor off of Ebay. It had no markings and had no instructions. I have used it to this point with very little trouble. The...
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    Great New Year's Smoke

    This has been a great cigar New Year's and it's not even over yet. I have found a new "best cigar I ever smoked" cigar. About 11:35 I went outside and sat in the truck to wait, think about what a great year it was and to look forward to the new one. Thanks to the generosity of some very good...
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    Punch Rare Corojo-Quick Review

    This is a quick review of my smoke last night. It was a Punch Rare Corojo. It was purchased for me on Father's Day by my daughters and has been resting in my humi since then. I had been looking forward to this smoke since purchase. I had only smoked one previously and remembered enjoying it...
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    Well, gang...tomorrow is my 28th wedding anniversary. My wife doesn't read this board, but if she did, she would see a greatly appreciative husband who loves her now more than he did the day they were married. She has even learned to put up with my cigar hobby. Anybody got a suggestion on...
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    Father's Day

    You gotta love Father's Day! My daughter's braved the stare of their mother and took me to the B&M. We did pretty well. 1-3 Pack of Partagas 1-3 Pack of Bolivars 1-Alec Bradley MAXX 1-La Aroma de Cuba 1-Punch Rare Corojo 1-Pepin JJ Series Like I said...Ya gotta love Father's Day! Thanks girls.
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    5 Vegas Cask Strength

    As everyone knows...I was terrible at bidding at the devil site. I lost my first 6 bids...but...hope springs eternal, and I finally won. I got a five pack of the 5 Vegas Cask Strength on the basis of what was said about them. I'M GLAD I DID. I usually let any sticks I get rest a little while...
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    Drew Estate Natural "Pimp Stick"

    As someone new to reviews, please bear with me. Last night I smoked my first Drew Estate "Pimp Stick". It was gifted to me by ssutton and I thank him for his generosity. He's a great guy. I really liked the size and shape. It is 6 x 52. It's called a Perfecto (it was tapered on both...
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    Devil Site

    Well, so far, I have escaped relatively unscathed. So far, I'm 0 for 6 in bids. I thought I had won a sampler of Alec Bradley's last night. I went home about nine p.m. and was in the lead and thought I had autobid enough to win...however, someone came in with five minutes to go and outbid me...
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    I guess I really am a noobie! I just noticed that there is a chat feature under the "Extras" button. I've been a member for a while now and this is the first I've seen of it...I guess I'll have to hurry or I'll miss the 20th century...Oh, wait...too late! :)
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    Question Concerning Online Ordering

    In checking out online from a company that I have only done business with over the phone...a part of the checkout process is they ask for the credit card number (I understand that) :) ... then it asks for the Card Verification Number which is on the back of the card. Is it OK to give out this...
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    Slow-Aged Lot 826 Maduro

    I have benefitted greatly from the reviews on this board and there are so many people who are more qualified to review than me, but I will give it a shot. :) Last night I enjoyed the Slow-Aged Lot 826 Maduro from Perdomo. (6 x 52) It is a well constructed cigar...not too firm...not too...
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    Almost Pulled The Trigger

    After reading the deals and comments concerning the "Devil Site", I went there and looked. I even got so far as to the sign up page and was entering my credit card number when a little angel on my shoulder began talking to me. I just couldn't pull the trigger. Is there any hope for me? :dr...
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    Got My 'Nanners

    Well, now I can check another topic off of my "life's to-do list." Got my first set of Nanners. :)
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    I Got Bombed!

    The generosity of the people on this board continue to amaze me. (I'm witholding the name of the bomber because I'm not sure he wants the publicity...he knows who he is.) :ss This individual saw that I had never smoked a Padron and sent me a message asking me if I'd like to try one. Needless...
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    Snap, Crackle, Pop

    Friday night I was on my porch enjoying my nighttime cigar. Something happened that had never happened before. I had been to my B&M earlier in the day and had purchased a box of my everyday cigars. (Spirit of Cuba Habano's.) The light was fine, but about 1/3 of an inch down the cigar, it was...