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    Beads: Humidity drop

    I've been using a 4 oz. tube of 65% beads in my desktop humidor for a week or so now. The humidor has an excellent seal and if anything I've had problems with the humidity being too high in there before, despite living in a dry climate. The humidity has been dead on, until yesterday, when it...
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    Ring Gauge

    Sorry if this question seems dumb, I'm a relative newbie though and I noticed something today. Most of the cigars I have been smoking have been larger RG, I'd say 52 plus. Today, I smoked a Sanch Panza Double Maduro that was a 6.5" 48 RG though and I noticed 3 things. 1. It was a lot...
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    Storing/Aging Boxes

    Well, I got my first box the other day (CAO Black Man O' War) off Cbid, and have it my coolerador. I got to wondering, is it best to unwrap the box before leaving it in the cooler long term, or does it not matter?
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    Bead recharging question

    When the beads start to turn too white and you want to recharge them, is putting a shotglass of water in the humidor overnight an effective and acceptable way to do it? Will the beads absorb the excess humidity as fast as the water will put it out, or will the humidity rise too much in the...
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    Too wet?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am trying to smoke and learn :) Got a 5er of Hoyo Dark Sumtra Media Noches from C-Bid on Monday. Thought I'd try one tonight. Opening it up, I noticed that it felt very firm and heavy. Smoking it, I feel like I might rupture a lung trying to suck...
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    Question on Cigar flavor

    I got my first shipment from Cbid today (I'm doomed) and one of the items I got was 20 5 Vegas Series "A"s in a plexiglass cylinder humidor. I put 19 of them away in my cooler, but though I'd try one out tonight. I was surprised to find it burned well, but was pretty flavorless. What is...
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    Need some cigar recommendations please!

    Hey all, I'm new here and just recently got into cigars on a serious level. I've been trying a bunch of different brands to see what I like, and now I have a few examples of cigars I have really enjoyed, and based on that I was hoping someone would be able to recommend a few more to try...