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    Peoria - Shades of Havana

    Shades of Havana 16610 N. 75th Ave Peoria, AZ 85381 (623) 486-1517 Hours: 11am to 8pm; Closed Sundays. Website: Map: Google Map Setting: Nice cigar shop located near the Peoria Sports Complex (spring training for Padres & Mariners) and Arrowhead Shopping district...
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    Surprise - The Cigar Box

    The Cigar Box 13980 W Bell Rd Surprise, AZ 85374 (623) 546-3680 Hours: 10 am - 9pm Website: Website is currently Down/Under Construction Setting: Very nice cigar shop located in the N.W. Valley. A well kept humidor with a good selection of cigars. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Prices...
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    Smoking Ban in AZ (Phoenix)

    How will the new law effect Cigar shops? Cigar King has a nice room. Tim (Habanos Torres) enjoys smoking outside his shop with the customers. Will this be a thing of the past when the new law goes into action on May 1st.
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    Fakes on Ebay? Putting High End labels on Dog Rockets?

    Man. these look horrible. Either poorly stored or plain fakes. Looks like he put labels on dog rockets. He has several auctions and they all look just as poor. Click for Crap on Ebay
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    Your Easter Smoke?

    I went with one that I have never had before. I passed on some ISOM's, Habanos Torres, and the AF's. I had a Litto Gomez Chisel and man that is a nice smoke. Strong and tasty. Post what you had on this wonderful day :ss
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    It has been a while since I have been home **Las Cruces**

    It has been a while since I have been home to my birthplace of Las Cruces, NM. A year in a half or so. Any good shops in Las Cruces/El Paso? I might also go to Juarez to see if I can score some rare Tequila... I will be stopping at Habanos Torres next Saturday to pick up some smokes and visit...
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    This Weeks Cbid Score ** Sauza Tequila **

    I have been wanting to try these. Got them for $16. Got this for $13. Don't know if it was a good price or not? Not a big Gurkha fan but for $9 (5 Pack) I think it was a decent pick up. If anything they will make good bombing cigars after sitting a month or two in the Humi.
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    Keeping the Cigars cool in the summer

    Summer is quickly approaching, How do you guys (especially in places like Phoenix, Houston, etc.) keep your stogies cool in the summer? Do you run the Air 24/7? Do you stick a fan in the humi, any weird electric/battery smells? Do you run a fan directly at your humi? Will keeping the Humi's...
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    Cigar King World Blend or Tampa Sweethearts

    Ok. I now have some room (Savoy Humi deal) and I'm looking into buying a house brand/blend. I have read good things about Tampas but I'm also interested in the Cigar King Blends. Both bundles are similar in price. I have tasted neither (I have Sweetheart sitting in the Humi thanks to...
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    Habanos Torres (Mesa, AZ)

    I was able to Visit Tim in his store in Mesa on Saturday. I told him I was from C.S and he was like excited. He told me he has been reading the board and is happy to fulfill any orders or questions we may have. He will do orders over the phone but if you are in the Phoenix area his store is a...
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    1983 AF Hemingway plus bomb

    So Greerzilla finds three of these rares beauties in a B&M he visits. I PM'd him and he offered to buy one for me and I would pay him. So instead of only sending what I paid for he bombs me as well. Hey, I got his address and pay back will be fun :ss Photos:
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    Ah...Back Home from the Holiday

    Back home from the New Years Holiday. Had a great time in Phoenix. On Friday I went to Cigar King and checked it out. I left with a good selection of Cigars but they were sold out of Anejos and such. Very nice Cigar Shop...I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the Phoenix Area. I...
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    A Million and One Merry Christmases

    Another Thread Wishing everyone here at Club C.S. a wonderful Holiday. Hope your day has been a Great One. May you enjoy your drinks...May you enjoy your smokes...But most of all may you enjoy life!! Have A Great Holiday Everyone!!
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    Famous Smoke = Cigar

    Got an email from famous today. They are offering a box of La Vieja Habana Cedar Chateau No 1's under the Website They are offering a box of 20 for $15.95. Is this new? The site looks like it will have a daily deal. My 2nd questions is. Are these good enough to pick up at...
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    Devil Site

    A ton of empty boxes on Cigar Bid. Apparently from higher end Stogies. Guess they are doing some cleaning in the warehouse.
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    Fire by Indian Tabac Double Corona Corojo

    Just took down a 15 pack for $16 on the Devil site. Are these any good or are they golf gars?
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    Vicksburg is on the truck

    Just had to share my excitement...It is on the Fed Ex truck as we speak. With my luck the truck will crash and has happened to me before (Computer). About six years ago a Mail truck caught fire and all the mail, shipments, etc burned up. :w
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    Correct Method of Freezing Cigars

    I know many Freeze their stogies..and I searched and really didn't find any definitive info.. do you freeze the stogies without ruining them? Ziplock? How Long? How do you bring them out of a freeze? Any concerns with Moisture, ice, foul taste pickup (I have baking soda in the freezer...
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    Fell off the Wagon..

    Should say Fell further down the slope...Almost made it to the End of the Month without an order Ordered a box of Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Pamplona and CAO Brazilia Gol 5 Pack...Shipped for $58 from Famous
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    Mexican Cigars

    Did a search and really didnt turn up anything. What are some decent-good Mexican brands to look out for? Thanks