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    Smoking at a college football game

    Can't smoke at games in AZ ...we can carry guns just about anywhere but we can't smoke just about anywhere...
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    My Cabinet Humi Project

    Wow!! Very Nice Job!!
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    Mild cigars tasting the same.

    Also not a fan of the Connecticut wrappers...
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    how have you spent your day so far

    Sons football game, then daughters soccer game. Home for a few hours then it was the oldest daughters soccer game. Now the wifey is trying to get me to go to Costco. Cigar? Maybe tonight...Hopefully...:hn
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    La Flor Dominicana?

    These are one of my favs...Double Ligero Chisel
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    How you spend your time

    Because of this very board I do...but it is a good thing :ss I will take my laptop outside and play poker/read the board/and smoke at the same time. Just waiting for it to cool down so I can do this again.
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    1st CI purchase....not pleased

    I had a similar situation with them (Cbid). I ordered something and it was lost but the smokes I wanted then went on backorder so they couldn't send them out right away. I told them to send them when they got them...No big deal. so a few weeks later I get an email with a shipping...
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    Supporting your LB&M

    I try and support the locals but most of my money/budget goes to online retailers. Too much bang for your buck when you buy online...
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    Music to smoke stogies to.......

    I enjoy Stevie Ray Vaughn...
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    Taboo ****

    Tasty...Enjoy :tu
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    Smoke in my truck at least 2 x per week.
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    Humidor Cooling Units

    What is wrong with 72? I think it needs to be at least 80 for beetles to hatch.
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    Rocky Patel cigars - opinions...

    I like most RP cigars. The Connecticut is one I do not like.
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    What is Your Favorite Cigar Size?

    Robusto or Corona :tu
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    'Kid Rock' Cigar Line?

    Ain't that the truth. Some one should teach the man what soap is..:ss
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    Cigar Magazine Comparisons

    Nice write up. I enjoyed reading it
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    Intrusive B&M Sales Help

    I don't mind them coming to help. I think 1. it is their job to help 2. they are bored out of their minds
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    1st ever 4 cigar evening!!!

    Only have done two. Couldn't imagine doing 4 cigars in one night