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    Most smoke ever.

    So which stogie has really blown you away with the quantity of smoke it produced? I've always enjoyed watching the drifting and swirling of the smoke, it really adds to the relaxation factor fr me. The Habanos Torres just blew me away. I literally coldn't see my hand a foot away thru the...
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    Thanks Rob! Taboo Rocks!

    I did a little joke about a Taboo cigar and Rob decided to show me the real deal! :tu This is what showed up. Thanks Rob, I hope these smoke a well as the Giganto did:ss
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    Taboo Twist Super Giganto

    Here's my review of the Taboo Twist Super Giganto. With the growing trend to larger and larger RG cigars, Taboo has set the new standard! Stats: RG....ohhhhh about 500 +/- Length.... just a hair under 1 meter Burn time... 19 hours Lighter...Bernz-O-matic propane lighter Cutter...Lowes...
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    Looking for donations for a good cause.

    Hey fellas, My wife works for the Calvert Marine Museum and she is looking for donations for her silent auction. It's a non-profit museum dedicated to the preservation of the paleontology, estuarian biology and maritime history of the Chesapeake Bay region. This year's auction supports the...
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    Now THIS is a Vinotemp!

    Here's Costco's new Vino online. Pretty sweet, eh? Vinotemp Concord 450-bottle Mahogany Finish on White Oak Hand-carved Grape Motifs Redwood & Aluminum Racking Locking Doors $3,799.99 Item # 104633 Shipping & Handling includedQty:
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    Dustins sampler (LasciviousXXX )

    Here's a mystery sampler that I just recieved from Dustin. If anyone out there is nervous about buying these... don't be! All this for only 75 bucks! The Fuente didn't survive, but a small price to pay for these beauties! Thanks Dustin. Feel free to add to his, ohhh....50,000+ RG!:tu
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    Well, I just had an interesting smoke. I noticed that an Opus I had in the humi had a small crack at the head. Taking this as a sign from above I decided to fire it up before it cracked any more. To my shock and horror, as I lit it up the wrapper completely unravelled all the way to the band...
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    Some special advice needed.

    I need a little help from the brothers on something special to me. As some of you know my father isn't in the best of health. He wasn't able to make it up to our house this year for the holidays to see his grand daughters because of it. Anyway, I've decided to pack up the wife and kids and...
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    Pssile Humidor project

    I'm thinkng about picking this up and turning it into a humidor project. It's an old oak ice box that's up at my local aution house. What do you guys think? I can probably walk with it for about 20 bucks. <center> <img src=""...
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    Habanos Torres

    For my 37th Birthday, I was treated to something rare... 1) A beautiful 60 degree day in December on the Chesapeake Bay 2) A day without my wonderful wife and children...this is VERY rare. 3) The Habanos Torres ( Big thanks to MithShrike for this little stick!) Along for the ride is a tall...
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    Has anyone tried flavoring bad cigars?

    Has anyone tried to fiddle with bad sticks? I've got a few cheapo's that I don't mind messing up, so I've put them in an old box with some Khalua's that I had laying around. I'm wondering if ,in time ,that the nice coffee accents of the Khalua's will rub off on the Double Happiness. I've...
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    Anyone tried the SJ-9?

    Just curious if anyone out there has tried the Sonny Jurgenson SJ-9? I don't want to drop $10 a stick if it's just a dog Rocket with a Burgundy and Gold label. Although the box looks very cool. GO SKINS!