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    JRs Cigar in Selma

    Hi brothers. I was wondering what you guys think about the five packs at JRs cigars? I stopped there on the way home from vacation last year, but was too much of a newb to really know what to buy. I actually bought some Bolis and a bundle of the JRs alternates (not really that good). I was...
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    El Mejor Expresso

    Not much of a reviewer. Smoked an El Mejor Expresso Torpedo that I received in a trade/bomb from Scott Shilala a while back. The first thing i noticed was this was a heavy in the hand and nice looking cigar. Smelled pretty good before lighting. I cut it and the draw seemed very tight at...
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    in the path of hurricane Fay

    Keep us in your prayers, it looks like we are almost in the direct path of the hurricane here in Florida.
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    Pics from Jacksonville Herf

    Just wanted to post a few pics from the Herf in Jacskonville today. Would like to say I enjoyed talking with all the guys that were there. Big thanks goes out to DrHalle for doing the footwork for us.
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    gift of bags

    I posted a wanted to buy some 5 finger bags a while back. Scud wanted me to send him my addy, and said he had some he could send. I have received them. Just wanted to say thanks to Scud for helping a brother out. :tu:ss
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    Carlos Torano 1916

    Finally smoked a Torano 1916 yesterday, it was my first Torano. Hey I really liked this smoke, very tasty.:tu
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    Joya De Esteli

    I am smoking a Joya De Esteli that a friend of mine picked up on his trip to Managua, Nicaraugua. Actually I think he went to Esteli and bought them. They came in a small box, and they are a very small ring gauge and probably 4.5 inches long. Anyone ever heard of or smoked one of these? They...
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    Just finished a Baccarat, I think it was a churchill. Forgive my sorry skills at reviewing. The cigar wasn't great, I guess it was ok. Probably wont buy anymore. The only flavor I could tell was maybe woody/leather.
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    Punch London Club

    Bought a box of these a while back, and have smoked about half of them. Bought them to have a smaller cigar that didn't take 2 hours to smoke. I really like them. Wondering about other opinions of them.
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    Taboo is great

    Cannot say enough good about Taboo. I ordered 4 SFO (because on my previous order I had ordered some SFBC and meant to order SFOs) and got them lighning fast, and they were packed to withstand an earthquake. Great job Rob Thanks
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    Gorillas in Mass

    Hey, I will probably be coming up to Gardner, MA. sometime in September. Any members there or near there? Might want to go to some of the shops and maybe meet up and smoke one. Thanks:chk
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    latest hall from C-Bid

    I was about to give up on bidding on cbid, but thought I would give it another shot. Heres what came UPS yesterday
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    drhalle rocks

    I was in Timucuan Tobacco in Jacksonville, Florida last week. Was talking to the owner about my new vinotemp and he was telling me that a customer had one and was liking it. About that time in walks drhalle and the owner says there he is now. We struck up a conversation and he asked me about the...
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    Great B&M

    I just wanted to put a thanks in for an experience I had today. I am going to buy a vinotemp tomorrow, and I needed some empty boxes to provide the cedar in it. I have looked at the online sources and it looked like the best i could get would be about $20.00 plus shipping for 10 empty boxes. I...