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    Thoughts and Prayers for GGainey's Fam

    Just knowing yall are there praying and thinking about us means more than you know.
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    Thoughts and Prayers for GGainey's Fam

    We have made it safely home guys. Thanks for all you have done. Greg
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    Thoughts and Prayers for GGainey's Fam

    Sent Vin a PM with this info but thought I would post here as well. Words can't express what all of yall mean to us. It is a terrible tragedy, and then we were so far from home. I am currently in Graham, NC. Hope to make it home by dark. The Funeral is planned for Saturday at 2 PM, at...
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    Thoughts and Prayers for GGainey's Fam

    With a heavy heart thanks for the prayers. I hate to report that my mother in law, father in law, and his son were all killed in a house fire this morning. We are heading back to florida shortly. Keep us in your prayers guys.
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    Oliva Serie O storage

    :tuMy understanding is if you are AGING them to store at the higher RH. Not for smoking.
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    CI catalog

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    Trip to the B&M and C-bid pick up's ( Pics )

    Nice lookin haul there, Rottenzombie.:ss
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    taboo S F boot camp toro

    I have verily enjoyed the few I have had so far.:tu
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    Thanks Taboo!!! O/T

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    Recent Trip to Fuente in the DR

    Great pics, looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing it with us.:ss
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    Oliva "Special S" Review

    Been wanting to try one of these, thanks for the review.:ss
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    Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Maduro

    Haven't had one of those, but RYJs i have had I really enjoyed.:ss
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    La Rosa Especial Nikkoh

    Thanks for the review.:tu
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    Rocky Patel Decade

    Thanks for the review.:)
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    La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Edition Robusto Ecuador

    Nice review, thanks.:tu
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    601 Maduro Prominente

    :tu :tpd:
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    My lighting method...

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    $100 at Taboo - what would you do?

    Love them Vs, SFO, and SFBCs. Can't go wrong at Taboo.:ss
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    Thoughts for my Mother

    Hate to hear it. will be praying for you and your family.
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    Oliva Serie V-my first and not my last!

    Love them Serie Vs.:tu