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    Good Faith For Two BOTL

    I normally don't ask for this but tomorow I'm taking a pretty big exam and another BOTL who didn't want to be mention will be going for a job interview on Wednesday, trying to start a new career that he really needs. all BOTL/SOTL if you could send a little karma or faith. Jon
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    CAO America Humidor

    So I just purchased a CAO America Humidor and I was wondering if anyone had one and liked or disliked theres? Thanks, Jon
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    New Humidor with Cigar Oasis Question

    Greetings, I have a brand new humidor that has not been seasoned yet. I also have a cigar oasis ultra and I was wondering instead of seasoning my humidor, can I season with the oasis for 7-14 days and be ready to use it? Thanks, Jon
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    NHL Wager, For Tonight

    According to Yahoo News and The Detroit Free Press; Tonight's Detroit Red Wings and The Ottawa Senators game is the one to watch. Out of the 1,230 NHL Regular season games, Yahoo news sources game number 659 is the most important game of the regular season. Would anyone be willing to bet a...
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    Static Feedback

    Im currently setting up a 48qt cooler, in which I rinsed down with distilled water and non scented dish wash soap. I let my cooler air dry over the weekend and I thought it still had the plastic smell to it. So I put a box of baking soda in it, to leave it for approx. 2 days. When I opened it up...
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    Michigan Smokers

    Do any of you fine guys/gals know where I can purchase 5vegas/ gold in Michigan because I have been all over and I can not find them. I hit some of the major players like smokeys, smokers outlet, churchills, JR's. Where and if you do purchase them in MI?
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    Thank You Club Stogie

    Dear Loyal Cigar Smoker, I have appericated everyone's kindness on this truely amazing website. I will be as active as I once was untill August, Ill be back though. The guys and gals of this website need to pat them selfs on the shoulder for all of their hard work! My issues right now are money...
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    i know everyone hates hearing about the new cao cigar

    i think it is out according to the website? can anyone confirm this?
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    cigar shops in downtown st.louis

    are any of you guys and girls from the st.louis area? ill be there feb 1-4th and was wondering if they had any good cigar shops in the downtown area? thanks, Jon
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    England in March

    I was just wondering if there is anyone on the board he lives in london or has traveled there, I was just wondering what are the best cigar shops i should go to, even though i know it will cost an arm and a leg to get one, i dont care lol Spring Break style Thanks, Jon
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    Humi Beads

    I Know there was just a post about the beads but i still dont understand as long as you use distilled water how long will they last? Jon
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    im thinking about buliding one for those hott mi winters and i was wondering if you guys/girls could recomend a good cooler to use im looking at something under 60 qts. Thanks, Jon
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    Diamond Crown Robusto No. 4

    hey i was wondering if anyone has ever smoked one of these and if so is it worth 10.50? I like ashton smokes and i heard there alot like the milder ones? thanks Jon
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    Diamond Crown Robusto No. 4

    see other post sorry
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    Hey Everyone I Made A Huge Mistake and I Feel Sorry I Was Just Curious Regards, Jon
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    Box Press

    i love box press cigars like CAO and PADRON. I was wondering if i should use a double blade cigar cutter to cut them and would that be the best cut for them? :)