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    Where to get exotic wood?

    Me and my gramps are building a upright cabinet humidor. I want to find either Cocobol, Bocote, Amboina, African Teak, Macassar, or Bubinga wood for the outside and then line the inside with 1/4 or 1/2 inch Spanish Cedar. Anyone know where I can order the wood? I know its kinda of pricy...
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    Fuente mass producing?

    I heard or read somewhere that Fuente was thinking about mass producing all his lines except for Opus and Casa Fuente. Any truth to this or just nice rumor to get every one giddy? I find it hard to beleive because almost impossible to find The Work of Art, Untold Story, Hemingway Maduros...
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    Humi ideas?

    I'm having my grandpa build a humidor, well more like a aging cabinet.:chk Haven't decided on hard set specs yet but somewhere in the ball park of 4ft x 2ft x 6.5 ft.(LxWxH) Any ideas or suggestions?
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    Opinion of J.Fuego?

    J. Fuego is a new cigar on the market for 2008. It is made by J. Fuego who used to be a master blender for Rocky Patel until he decided to break off and start his own line. I had the pleasue of meeting the man himself and he kindly gave me a Corojo No.1 Belicoso. I sat down and enjoyed the smoke...