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    Happy BDay to ME! Taboo Cigars, Zaya Guat Rum, and your invited!

    Hey Friday October 24th my wife and I are celebrating our birthdays (Mine the 26th hers the 20th) with a Havana Nights party if your in Phoenix... YOUR INVITED! We will be serving Zaya Guat Rum, Taboo Twist cigars, maybe some rum from a special island. It will be a great time. If you wanna come...
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    ROTFL I am a pusher

    I gifted a co-worked two sticks on Friday. A Hemingway Short Story and a Rocky Patel Vintage 92. He just walked into my office and said he loved them, he went out and bought a humidor and some cigars...he was quite upset when I showed him the prices on went away to...
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    Prayers for Anquan Boldin (Arizona Cardinal)

    In the last :30 of the Cardinals loss, Q was sandwiched and the player going in the opposite direction hit him helmet to helmet in the face. He was knocked out for quite some time and never showed any movement. Please send a prayer up for Anquan, he is a ferocious competitor and I pray that he...
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    Got a new bottle of Pampero Aniversario

    Very nice...picked it up along with 2 more bottles of Zaya Guat!
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    I'm a Site Supporter how bout you!

    So I have been here awhile, and saw the Site Support tags...I may be slow but I just figured out how to get one today..I may be slow but hey better late than never! So whats up? What is YOUR excuse? You sit around here on CS chatting with your buds, trading stogies & stories, jokes, coffee...
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    Ron Centenaro XX

    They have some of this at a local Grocery store (Fine Foods) is this a hard to come by Rum?
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    Found some zaya rum!

    Sorry to yell but I have been dying to try it! Found a single bottle pushed back behind all the other rums in a Grocery wasnt even in the system...they sold it to me for $12! And it says Guatemala 12 year! I assume this is not the new version?
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    My wife wants to have a Havana themed party!

    With Mojitos (we just got a great recipe from the local Havana Club) and cigars! Totally her idea! So how bout some ideas for the "Theme" I will most definatley post pictures here! My wife is a gem! She has switched from flavor infused cigars to normal cigars lately...she likes the 601...
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    RIP Anejo Sharks...and not the good way!

    So I got a 5er of Anejo Sharks on CBID about 3 months ago...and I figured I would let them rest for at least 6 months before trying one. I put them in a pure cedar box along with some Montecristo Media Noche Churchils that I wanted to age a bit....the lid had no top. Well the past week or so...
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    Pepin HATER to Pepin Whore?

    About 4 months ago I tried a Tat Red, Tat Brown, DPG Blue, and I absolutely HATED them! Thought they tasted like total crap, like dumping pepper down my throat. In the past few weeks, I have had some DPG JJ Maduros, DPG JJ's, DPG Cuban Classics, and a DPG Blue today..WOW! I loved them all! I...
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    I shoved my wife

    down the slope! I have been getting her some flavor infused cigars (at her request) and then last night I was smoking a 601 Green (Oscuro) and she asked for a puff, she liked it so I got her one for herself and she smoked it. She really liked it HAHA! :chk:w:bl
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    Somebody is getting a SPECIAL treat!

    ref So in my contest to win a humi, contestants only needed to donate 5 cigars...3 for the contest winner (going in the humi) and 2 to send to the troops. Well I met extrmblzr1 at lunch today to get his 5 gars...and what does he hand me? 5...
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    Found a Pepin I like!

    After pretty much giving up on Pepin Garcia cigars, I found one I like. I must admit it has been awhile since I have tried one so 1 of 2 things... 1) My pallet is changing, and maybe I should try some other DP cigars. or 2) The DP JJ Maduro is not NEARLY as peppery as his other cigars...
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    I can't find Zaya anywhere!

    Been looking for weeks, I have called like 15 different stores and it has been out of stock (they say) for 4 months! Any reputible places online to buy?
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    DAMN I wish I lived in Colorado!

    I was looking at's promotion list. Check what is scheduled for July 26th in Thorton Colorado Playboy by Don Diego Playboy Cigar Event w/ Miss October 2001 Jul 26 Smoker Friendly Thornton CO (303) 453-1707 :chk:D:chk:D:chk:D:chk:D:chk
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    My new

    Here it is...I have had it since Fathers Day, but just got it stablized and got my cigars moved in. Only the boxes on the bottom shelf have anything in them...but it is holding RH!
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    Vinotemp...what your Vinotemp accurate?

    So I am in Arizona and its only 110 outside. What do most people put their Vinotemp on? So I tried mine on 55 and it ran constantly (NEVER turned off) then I put it at 65 it said it was 65 and turned off...but my hygrometer says its 71.4 inside....I put the Vino at 60, and it gets there and...
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    My wife told me last night to get her a cigar for the 4th...

    Muhahahahah! I got her a Drew Estates Java two weeks ago and she loved I hope she is slipping down the slop! :tu:bl:tu:chk
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    Damn wildfires

    There is a wildfire on the westside of Phoenix, and the wind is blowing my way.....I was smoking a stogie last night and it ruined it...tasted like I was smoking firewood cause of the smell. :hn :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    My dog ran away...

    And when I was out looking for him, this guy drives by me with a black lab in his front seat and stops. It was my dog. I had been looking for him for some time, and the guy was my neighbor (right across the street) whom I had not met yet. My dog was blocks away (in the matter of maybe 20...