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    The NEW Perdomo Reserve Maduro 10th Anniversary

    So, Perdomo is re-working their Reserve line to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Our Perdomo Rep (who I will not name, but I hope that she will read this and marry me!) stopped by the shop and left me a few smokes to try... one of them being the new maduro. I do not know anything about the...
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    Camacho Triple Corojo 10th Anniversary 6X60 P.B.

    This cigar was gifted to me by a friend. It is a BEAUTIFUL stick. I thought I'd pay it respect by writing up a little review. I know other vitolas have been reviewed here, but I thought I'd start my own on the 6 x 60 Box-Pressed. Cigar: Camacho Corojo 10th Anniversary Vitola: 6X60 Box...
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    Nasty one day...Delicious the next

    There has been a lot of talk about the Oliva Series V around here lately, and this story falls in that category as well. So yesterday I lit up an Oliva Series V Beli and it disappointed me...A LOT! I usually love this cigar, but the last three or four I've had were not tasting right. I wasn't...
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    Bobb's review of TWO Cheap Cigars Arango Sportsman(s)

    Alright...a customer came into the shop today looking for one of the CAO Bella Vanilla cigars...we were out. I then pointed out the Arango Sportsman. We have both the maduro and the natural in stock. The customer asked me what the taste difference was between the two and I had to say "I have...
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    What an AMAZING week!! (so far)

    I am on cloud nine right now! It all started out on Monday when I received the phone call about winning my humidor :D Yesterday I picked up the humi...I LOVE IT!!! I also met up with ScotishSmoker at the B&M and smoked a Camacho Corojo (yummy :dr) Then I went to visit my friend and their new...
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    I am a winner!!!!!!

    I am a little giddy and in shock right now, so I apologize for misspellings and bad grammar. So, I went to a Camacho tasting event on Friday night at a new B&M in St. Paul, MN (The Golden Leaf) and I bought three cigars to receive a freebie and to enter into a drawing for a BEAUTIFUL Camacho...
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    Viva la Snorking! to nose smoke.

    Snorking, a.k.a. nose smoking, is something I am starting to LOVE!!! At herf's I tend to do it once and a while to help me appreciate fantastic cigars that people are willing to I do it with every cigar I place against my lips. The amount of flavor you get through your nose is...
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    I am looking for a Don Salvatore Havana Draw Enhancer

    Does anyone know where I can get one for a good price? I've looked at a few online shops and can't seem to find the one I want (I like the one with the round wooden end...not the pen style) Thanks in Advance.
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    Is this bad form?

    So A friend of mine is a new daddy as of yesterday. I figured what better gift to give than cigars. The only problem is, $$ is kind of tight. So this is my plan: I work in a cigar shop, so I get free samples all the time from reps. I have smoked at least one of all of them and they are not...
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    Does anyone know where to get less diluted Hydrogen Peroxide?

    I have a little mold growing in a old humidor (it was a gift and they had it WAY over humidified) and I thought H2O2 would be bests to kill the mold before I put sticks into it (my logic is no chemicals = better for cigars.) I would love to find some that is less diluted...since the stuff at...
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    Hudson - Dick's Bar and Grill

    Dick's Bar and Grill 111 Walnut St. Hudson, WI 54016 This is a bar that is only a block away from the St. Croix Cigar Co. in Hudson, WI. They have great drink specials, $1 burger nights on Tuesdays, and they are cigar friendly...actually, most of the bartenders are regulars here at St. Croix...
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    Twin Cities Herf Pics

    On Saturday we had a great turn out here at St. Croix Cigar Co. I was clickin' away with the camera but unfortunatly I didn't think of taking a group shot. I even had a tripod here :c Oh well, live and learn. Cricky101 (Chris) and Booboo (Jeremy) Andyman and CftD actually made it...
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    C.A.O. l'Anniversaire Cameroon - toro

    Puff by puff review of: C.A.O. l'Anniversaire Cameroon Vitola: toro/box pressed (I'd guess 5 1/2 X 46) Made in: Esteli, Nicaragua W: Cameroon, B: Nicaraguan, F: Nicaraguan Clipped with a modified cheap cutter (I'll post pics of my cutter is slick!) and lit with a xikar enigma...
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    What am I smoking?

    I'm wondering if any brother/sisters on the board can help me gather more information on this cigar I am smoking. My friend's son came home for a short visit from Iraq a few weeks ago and he brought back a few cigars to hand out. All I know about them is they are made by Don Kiki and I think...
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    Can you help me find this cigar?

    As some of you know, I work in a B&M in Husdon, WI and I just received a phone call from a customer looking for WM Penn cigars. Do they still make these, and if so, does anyone know were our shop could get some? Thank you for your help! ~Bobb
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    Perdomo Habano Maduro - Gordo (6 x 60)

    Two review in two days...I'm on a roll :D The Perdomo Habano Corojo has been out for several months, and the Maduro was released at RTDA, and we got these in the shop last week. I am almost finished with my first one here, and I'd thought I'd share my thoughts. Appearance: This is a...
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    RP Sungrown 6 x 60 = WOW!!!

    So I walk into work today at the cigar shop, and an old friend is in towm from Florida. He hands me this Rocky Patel Sungrown 6 x 60 and says, "Enjoy." This is a beautiful cigar. Fantastic looking dark brown wrapper...right in between a natural and a maduro color. I look at the head and find...
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    "Oooh that smell...can't you smell that smell"

    So, Last night was a very interesting night! I was driving home from work (from the cigar shop) and I hit a dear...hard. NOT GOOD!! My car is pretty F'ed up! So I stepped out to look around, but there was lightning EVERYWHERE (a huge thunderstorm was just about to hit..and it did) so I didn't...
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    New Perdomo cigar...not out 'till Aug. I had one...WOW!!!!

    As most of you probably know, Perdomo is discontinuing there Cuban Parejo. That makes me sad because I LOVE that cigar. However, the cigar that is replacing it is fantastic!! The Perdomo Habano Corojo is the new cigar that is going to be coming out in August. Our Perdomo rep was in the shop...
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    Bobb and Andrew's combined review of a cheep cigar.

    Andrew (ScottishSmoker) walked into the cigar shop here about 20 mins ago and said, We should do a combined review of a cheep cigar...Savoy...I'll smoke one if you do." So we grabbed two to review (that rhyms.) So here we go...our "write as we go" review of the savoy. Cigar: Savoy Corona...