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    Got my Vino up and running

    Well I finally got my Vino up and running. Thanks to Mtmouse for the shelves/drawers. The humidity is holding steady at 67-68% and temp. of 66 degrees. Here are a few pictures.
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    El mejor espresso

    I got gifted one of these in a trade and I decided to fire it up last night before work. This is the first time I've tried this cigar. Immediately I noticed the chocolaty smell before lighting up. I cut it with my xikar and torched the foot. The first thing I noticed was the spongy feeling of...
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    La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel

    The Cigar: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel The Review: I purchased this cigar at a B&M where I attended an event and at recommendation of my brother. The pre-light aroma smelled like a bouquet of flowers to me. Very sweet. I torch the foot and start to puff away. Very sweet...
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    Maduro Cigar selections?

    I enjoy the maduro cigars more than any other that I've tried so far. Anyone have any recommendations on brands of maduros that I should try? I've tried the Onyx Reserve, Perdomo Lot 23, Reyes Family Premier and that's about it so far. I enjoy the medium not full body cigars. Any suggestions...
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    SW Michigan Cigar bars/B&M's

    Looking for any cigar bars or local B&M's in the area of Southwest Michigan. I live in Dowagiac and the closest one I've found so far is Tinderbox in Mishawaka, IN. Any help and/or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Reyes Family Premier Robusto Maduro

    I recently got to try this cigar at a local B & M event. Let me tell you I fell in love with this cigar right away. It soon replaced my favorite maduro which was the Onyx special reserve. I never would have purchased the Reyes Family Robusto with it's maduro Ecuador Sumatra wrapper with it's...
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    Timothy's Fine Cigars Event August 9, 2008

    My brother (fissure 30), alley00p and myself went to Timothy's Fine Cigars today in Bay City, MI. None of us have ever been there before. We met JBailey and JamesB3. Both were excellent BOTL's. We each smoked between 3-6 cigars a piece. It was a great event with food, raffles, plenty of fine...
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    Onyx Reserve mini Belicoso

    Well this is the first cigar that I found that I preferred since I've been experimenting with cigars. I prefer the Onxy reserve. I've had two boxes of the mini and regular belicoso resting in my humidor for about 18 months. Let me tell you first of all that letting them rest was well worth the...
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    new humidor search

    So I've come to the jungle to ask the input of our important gorillas. My old humidor is stocked full and I'm on the verge of running out of room (actually storing some cheap cigars in ziplocs (with a humipak) and it breaks my heart) so I'm looking to buy a new humidor. My old one is a Thompson...