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    Thanks for putting together the robusto sampler!!!

    Thanks for putting together the robusto sampler!!!
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    Target is Mishawaka, IN is all out of Vinos. They are stocking some other brand. :mad:
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    Football, BBQ, Cigar & Beer

    Oh man I might have to make a trip to Texas and bring some sticks too! That looks absolutely does the meat, ha! :chk
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    I knew I should have bought both of the ones left when I bought mine. Maybe in the far off future I will have enough $$$ to get another.
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    What makes you want particular cigar?

    Whatever appeals to me when I open up my vino! :ss
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    Beads, Hygrometers, Lighters...

    Definitely go with the beads and a digital hygro. Make sure you "salt" test the hygro to see how exact it is reading. Also, I recommend the $3 Ronson Jet-lite single torch. For $3 it can't be beat.
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    taboo HSG toro

    Nice review. I have one in my humi resting right now. Might just have to light it up soon. Thanks. :ss
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    Something I wish Taboo Cigars would do...

    I got a sampler the other day in the mail and they have put the little white labels on the wrapper stating what it is. This was before your post so things are looking great for Taboo!
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    Taboo Limited Reserve Maduro

    Nice review! I liked the blog layout. :tu
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    Vinotemp and RH

    Mine seems to run very quiet but it is on carpet with padding. I hardly hear it when the fan is on. Of course that may be because of the TV or Xbox360 and what have you.
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    vinotemp shelves

    I got shelves and drawers from Tim (Mtmouse) and I couldn't be happier with them.
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    VT 28 great deals near Charleston SC

    For $99 I would buy another and another and another. Too bad I can't find them up here for that price.
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    It has begun!

    Perdomo is good. The Onyx is better with age but still good right from the start. Not sure about the others. Enjoy the sticks and the vino :ss
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    How to freeze cigars?

    Romeo, Romeo where far out thou Romeo. So sad
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    bad box of cigars

    Oh no, I just got a box for the troops. On the other hand I bought one of those oxygen air purifiers and it did not work and they also left out a 5'er I won. Called and they shipped me new ones right away. I'm sure they will do something for you.
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    Why I support the troops.

    I support the troops because even though I don't have family I do have friends that are currently in the sandbox. If I can brighten at least one soldier's day by sending something as simple as a letter and a few cigars then my mission is complete. :tu
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    fresh rolled wheels by perdomo

    Appreciate the honest review. I haven't had one yet but I plan on it when I get one. Thanks :tu
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    Perdomo Lot 23

    Just picked up a box of nats for $43 on the devil site. :tu
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    Taboo Special Forces Original Robusto

    Nice review. :tu I've had the twist but not any of the SF's. One day I will get one from taboo and hope to enjoy it as much as you did. :ss
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    I'm in BIG TROUBLE!!!

    Tried to help but it looks like I bumped the other bidder and not you. :hn