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    Humi temp and rh %

    Found the following an interesting read on humi temp and rh%. This is a excerpt from the cigar advisor. "You have stated that you personally do not agree with the much-heralded 70°/70% storage for cigars -- I believe the British tend to keep a slightly lower humidity level than some others, and...
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    Aged VSG Tres Mystique

    Smoked a tres mystique from 2001 last night and man what a smooth smoke. Have been smoking from a fairly fresh box and they are good but have that slight peppery harshness. The one I smoked last night had all the flavors, leather and cocoa but very smooth. Went very well with a glass of port...
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    Opus Fuente Fuente and Fonseca Port

    Just got through with a fuente fuente and a glass of 1999 Port while sitting in the pool. Nothing better, nice bold smoke with a smooth glass of port what a way to finish off the weekend.