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    Joe’s Jambalaya!

    Not sure if anyone has seen it yet, but looks like CI is taking the deal of the day like woot and their wootoff. A new deal comes up with the other sells out. Should hopefully see some good deals today!
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    Cigar Hangover

    Ive realized that when I smoke a stogie later in the night. Say around 9-10pm or later, I tend to wake up with hangover type feelings. Ive noticed this on a few occasions. Is there anything I can do to try to prevent this? Besides smoking earlier (I'm a college student and dont have too much...
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    Savoy Cutter Problem

    My Girlfriend bought my a Savoy cutter last year for a birthday or something and I'm having a problem with it. I know I should just go out and buy a Palio..which I want to, but I think if she saw me using something else all the time, Shed get semi hurt? I guess the word is. Anyway, The body is...
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    Cigarbid Shipping

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so if this is the wrong section, my apologies. My question is if anybody knows if cigarbid ships on Saturdays. I have my shipping setup as daily, but I wasn't sure if they are going to send it out tomorrow, or wait until Monday.
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    Sancho Panza

    I have seen many good things about SP on here and I really want to try some, but Im not really sure which ones to shoot for. I want to try the maduros but the Extra Fuertes may be a shot also. Do you guys think the Extra Fuerte would be too strong for a younger smoker? I have been smoking a few...
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    Getting a collection started

    Hey guys, As you can tell I'm a new guy here. I had a few questions about starting to pick up some sticks. Where do you start to find what you like, or what else you want to try? Do you just go out and buy some or read reviews and start that way or what? Also, I am thinking I am going to go...