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  1. C Corojo Robusto vs. DPG Blue Robusto

    Thanks for the review bro - and the ranking list, there's a few on there that I haven't tried that I'm going to have to seek out. As always, I respect your reviews and opinions - anyone interested in the zillion of DPG blends should checkout this list.
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    CAO cubist ashtray is awesome BUT...

    Most impressive, which CNC do you use? I've been thinking about getting one for my shop down the road, would appreciate a point in the right direction.
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    Las Vegas trip - Casa Fuente, Napoleon's, etc.

    Sounds like an awesome time - I'm heading back to Vegas in late October, your post provided me with a few things to keep in mind. Thanks.
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    Did anyone go to the Vegas Cigar Show?

    Um, it's still going on. I would have loved to have gone, but I'm heading out to Vegas later this year -there's some interesting news trickling in around the blogosphere from the show, I'm sure that some more personal accounts will be posted here soon.
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    Taboo Twist...has anyone else noticed this?

    :tpd: I'd rather be Rob Rolled than Rick Rolled any day of the week! :ss
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    The best cigar in your box...

    :r well yeah, I was just trying to make the point that I enjoy sticks gifted by fellow BOTLs/SOTLs more than sticks that I've bought for myself - heck most of the time I enjoy buying sticks for fellow BOTL/SOTLs more than I enjoy buying them for myself - just my :2
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    I'd second that. :ss

    I'd second that. :ss
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    Spidy Sense was tingling...

    At first I wish that I hadn't opened this thread, but there's some good information in here - in a way we can all benefit from this "nightmare".
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    Post Your Cigar Journal,Dossier, Diary etc.

    Most impressive sir - I started keeping a book when I first hit the slope, now I just save the bands. One of the guys at the local B&M writes little notes on the backs of his bands and puts them all in a baggie - I might start doing that.
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    La Aurora 100 Anos Perfecto

    I'll second that - I'm going to have to keep these on my radar, I'm a big fan of the other 100 Anos vitolas.
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    The best cigar in your box...

    The few that my wife has bought me and the ones gifted by fellow BOTL/SOTLs are always the best cigars in my box (even if it says Creamossa on the band). I'd rather have a stick that's been gifted to me over an Opus or Partagas 150 that I've bought myself any day of the week.
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    Well Jim, that's a bunch o' poo. Thanks for sharing your experience with us - I hope it gets worked out and that doesn't become their standard operating procedure. <--- sets aside an El Mejor Espresso for Jim for the next time we get to herf.
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    Free Humidor from Rob @ Taboo

    That Rob is one heck of a BOTL - I'm planning on stopping by his shop later this summer on a trip to Dallas. I have a little something for him for all of his generosity to the Jungle. :ss
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    Brotherly HERFS

    Looks like an awesome time! It's funny how life seems to work out like that :ss
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    Dark chocolate trick?

    Awesome tip, Lindt makes a 99% cocoa bar but I wouldn't recommend going that high - 70-80% cocoa should be a great range for palette cleansing. 70rh/70F/70Cocoa :ss
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    $55 Opus X!!!!!

    Well that's a whole canfull of "not cool cola" I'd hate to see their prices on PBR :D
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    Taboo Cigars

    Welcome to *that* slope. :ss I have yet to have a Taboo that I wouldn't recommend. Rob and his staff have stellar service and the only time you won't be able to find one of his coupons in CS is when CS is down for an upgrade or something.
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    If you could only smoke one Tatuaje cigar what would it be

    Yup, that'd be a good idea. You're in for a treat - always remember your first :ss
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    Great Night Tomorrow

    Sounds like a great event for an awesome cause, wish I could be there - have a great time Shawn. :ss