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    I always hear people talk about potential in a cigar. I've even noted to myself a time or two "this cigar should be better with age" but uh, what is potential? How does one smoke a not so great cigar and think to themself "this cigar sucks, but in a year it will be solid gold!" thoughts...
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    I have a slight problem

    Well, for the last few months I've been back on here full time, I've been preaching the platitudes of not having a Cbid account (because I cancelled mine about a year ago). Despite not having an account I check in on Cbid for that magic bullet deal that I can't resist. Well yesterday I found a...
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    Question for the pepin hoes

    I picked up a couple Pepin black labels yesterday, and as I'm drying this one for a bit before lighting it up tonight I was admiring and smelling it, and it smells, literally, like chocolate even my wife commented that it didn't smell like a cigar now, the shop where I bought this had the...
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    Oust fan

    does anyone know where to buy these? I have looked at Wal-Mart numerous times and they either don't carry the fan or are always out (like a Wii for moms). I have seen them online but don't really want to pay 8 bucks shipping any ideas?
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    End of Semester Cigars

    Wednesday will bring my last final for the semester and I, along with my friend Jason (JaVeCa on here), plan to burn up a couple sticks and enjoy some Flor De Cana Rum and some Patron Anejo Tequila. anyway, I need a couple of cigars to smoke and I am horribly indecisive. I have a short list in...
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    All Labels printed...

    and everything is packaged up if you're expecting something from me it's on the way out in about 30 minutes happy waiting to all! 0103 8555 7492 3296 3941 0103 8555 7493 2599 1714 0103 8555 7491 8967 6840 0103 8555 7491 6870 5325 0103 8555 7491 7919 1087