$100 at Taboo - what would you do?


Young Ape
So I've budgeted myself for a $100 experiment with Taboo. I'm still a n00b to cigars, so I'm not sure what to order from them! I'm thinking their 10pack sampler. Maybe some x000 Padron? Maybe something from Oliva too? I don't have lots of money - so I'm trying to make my pennies stretch!

Oh, I don't have the patience to let my cigars rest in a humi - so something that ready to smoke NOW would be best. :tu



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Twist PC's and SFO Lanceros. Then get some Oliva V's. Personally, I would skip the Padron Thousand Series, just not a fan at all :tu


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Cameroons and Twists at the milder end.... SFO BCs for a kick in the ass. Don't forget your coupons.


twists and the SFBC seem to be popular (and I like them personally too).grab a few Oliva V's as mentioned and enjoy.


Young Ape
Thanks for the suggestions! Hopefully the sampler will cover all the Taboo types that you folks suggested.

Anything worthwhile from La Flor, A Fuente, or any of the other brands they carry?



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I call them or drop a PM, give some background on what you like and then tell them to surprise you. Taboo is known for really good surprises.


I would get the sampler for sure. You can decide what you want to do with the rest. I bought the sampler, but have only smoked the twist so far and loved it.


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I think the Camaroons are nice as well as the Twists. Will be hitting a few more soon.


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Twist PC's and SFO Lanceros. Then get some Oliva V's. Personally, I would skip the Padron Thousand Series, just not a fan at all :tu
Do not purchase Oliva V's they are awful and burn really bad.....okay I am lying they are great I just don't want anyone else to buy them before I do ! lol


Couple major projects going on so I also have a limited cigar budget for next few months. Wanted most bang for the buck so placed taboo order yesterday. Went with the 'day special' and did a mix and match order with the twist, giving the 5X54 a try, and acquired a taste for the Orig. Special Forces, lancero and torp. came to little over the $100 with s/h, Dan called today to let me know the shipment is on its way. :chk


Get some Twists and some Limited Reserves - Both great sticks. I prefer the Toro (6x58) in the Twist and the Figurado in the L-R's. Rob has samplers with both of these... Call them and tell them what you want!! :tu


After giving this thread some serious thought, I really think if it were me, I would pm Rob and tell him my background and what I like so far and have him choose the order for me. He appears to have the knowledge and experience to provide a really "kick a$$" package for your C-note.