19 Short years - RIP Young Man


Master of the Chasidor
This morning started out as a great Sunday. I woke up early to find out last night I won the CS lottery pool in our group, the weather was perfect for working in the garage and the coffee was brewing when I woke up. After a few hours in the garage with the smell of wood chips and coffee my wife came to the garage with the cell phone in hand and said you need to take this call. We were informed that my daughter’s boyfriend had been killed in a motorcycle accident. After 19 short years his life was over in a blink of an eye. Details are still kind of sketchy but speed played a part and I am sure he was not wearing his helmet since he rarely did. As a father there are a few things that make me feel so helpless and this is one of those times I cannot make it all better. She was away at school and is now home. We have spent the afternoon spending time with her and allowing her to grieve. Please take a moment to say a prayer for the family of the young man who left us way too soon and my daughter as she struggles with the emotions of starting school, moving away from home and losing someone in her heart for the first time.

If you ride a bike or know someone who does,

Please wear your helmet and slow down.



Going Commando
RIP. Sorry to hear about the loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the young man's family.


Chestbeating Pack Leader
Prayers to you and your family.....

As to the speed and helment.... As a rider if you people (in the general sense) in cages would eat at home - not in the car, not text and make phone calls, worry about how you look in the mirror, etc, those of us who do ride might make it home.

My wife asked me today as we were riding at a red light why I look into every car window that we pass. I told here it's so I can try to make a determination as to whether they are tying to kill us or are actually properly driving their 4,000 lb car/truck.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
As the dad of a daughter who has an 18-year-old boyfriend, this hits close to the heart. Thoughts and prayers for your daughter and for all of you who are affected. I'm very sorry for your loss.


International SOB
Chuck, my condolences to all effected and remembering that young man is the only way we can keep his memories alive, prayers are sent


Jordan #2
My best friend of nearly 14 years did something similar while I was off away at college. He sped on a motorcycle in excess of 100mph and wrecked it not even a week after getting his motorcycle endorsement. By a grace of God he lived, but I almost think a funeral would have been easier than the many trips to the ICU seeing him there in a coma, unresponsive and possibly brain dead. He went on to a nearly full recovery, but it's a constant struggle for him due to the obvious complications (mental trauma and the like).

I don't wish this on anyone, and I'm sorry for it to have to happen to your family and theirs. Rest in peace, and I offer my condolences in the most sympathetic way I can.