19 Short years - RIP Young Man


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So very, very sorry to hear this! My prayers go out to all who mourn him, especially your daughter, may God grant you all the peace that surpasses all understanding!


I am always distressed to hear of a motorcycle rider being hurt or killed. I have been an avid bike enthusiast for almost 45 years and know the pitfalls of enjoying this hobby. Riding without a helmet is first and foremost such a mistake as one has little armor as it is when riding and when you take away the only element that serves to protect your head it just doesn't make sense. Those states that allow you to ride without one is a grievous mistake but at the end of the day it is all about choices. I feel terrible for your daughter as she has to deal with the aftermath of the accident and any prejudice of whether he should have worn a helmet will not bring him back and will only serve to make the hurt much harder to bear. My thoughts are with you and your family in this toughest of times.


Prayers to you and your family.....

As to the speed and helment.... As a rider if you people (in the general sense) in cages would eat at home - not in the car, not text and make phone calls, worry about how you look in the mirror, etc, those of us who do ride might make it home.

My wife asked me today as we were riding at a red light why I look into every car window that we pass. I told here it's so I can try to make a determination as to whether they are tying to kill us or are actually properly driving their 4,000 lb car/truck.
Absolutley agree with your assessment of what it takes to ride safely on a motorcycle. I have been riding for quite awhile and never take any chances when I ride. I ride as if the guy in front, behind, side of me is going to make a mistake at any moment and I think ahead as far as what I can do in the case this person makes a lane change, runs the light, just out and out doesn't know I'm around. My bike has loud enough pipes where it is a given they know something is close by but what scares me the most is the guy who pulls out in front of me because he has no clue as to how to guage a motorcycles speed when it comes upon them. I have had so many people just pull out and thought they had plenty of time to do so because there just isn't enough mass to determine how fast I am going in relation to what they see. Be careful out there, both drivers and motorcyclists.


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Prayers for the young mans family and your daughter and the rest of your family. May he rest in peace.


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Condolences to you and your family, and to his. Young guys on motorcycles often don't realize that they hold a lot of death in their right fist.
May you all bear your pain well, and heal, and support each other in a difficult time.

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Hey there friendo...
i have had 3 people very close to me die in motorcycle accidents. life is very short.
my deepest to your daughter and your family.


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Thank you all, it was an up and down day to say the least. One minute your laughing and the next crying. The next few days will be a roller coaster ride for my daughter because at her age she has never been faced with the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately as I grow older I have been in her shoes before and the closer I get to "permanent retirement" the reality of life and death becomes easier to understand. Her relationship with the young man had not reached the point where I had gotten close to his family yet so I have not talked to them yet. I can not even begin to imagine their grief. As mentioned earlier, many don't realize they are holding life or death in their right hands when riding and all indications are he was traveling at least twice the speed limit or more.

Throughout the day we shared some stories and some pain. The bittersweet moment of the day came when she hugged me after dinner and said "thanks". I said "your welcome, for what?" she replied "your stupid rules". I laughed and said which one. I have a lot to pick from and had no idea where she was going with this based on what we were talking about. My mother raised my brother and I to never go to bed angry at one another. No matter how mad we got at each other and no mater how long it took to resolve we would fight all night but go to bed with it resolved. I have tried to raise my children the same way. The last night they spoke, they got into a huge argument. She wanted to hang up angry but stayed up half the night until they resolved it.

The last words they had were good.



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My thoughts and prayers are with you as a father and a biker. I'm glad to hear the last words were good ones.