19 Short years - RIP Young Man


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Very sorry to hear that, Chuck--thoughts & prayers to you and your family for the strength to make it through this difficult time.

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Words fail, I will be lifting you and yours up in Prayers, in the coming days. Also for the young man's family to have some kind of peace and closure, after a time of grief.
Kevin (STS)


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Throughout the day we shared some stories and some pain. The bittersweet moment of the day came when she hugged me after dinner and said "thanks". I said "your welcome, for what?" she replied "your stupid rules". I laughed and said which one. I have a lot to pick from and had no idea where she was going with this based on what we were talking about. My mother raised my brother and I to never go to bed angry at one another. No matter how mad we got at each other and no mater how long it took to resolve we would fight all night but go to bed with it resolved. I have tried to raise my children the same way. The last night they spoke, they got into a huge argument. She wanted to hang up angry but stayed up half the night until they resolved it.

The last words they had were good.

Thanks for sharing that story. My condolences to those in mourning.


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My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family of this young man. I know too many people who have been killed or injured riding bikes.


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My daughter lost her roommate in collage due to a car crash. It is really hard to lose someone at that age. My families thoughts are with your family and all involved.


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Services today :(

Brakes my heart to see so much pain.

Tomorrow we take my daughter back to school. We told her maybe she should take some more time off and I got "the look" and "Right, and do what?".

Thank you all for the comments, thoughts and prayers.