5 Vegas Series "A" box question


I just won a "box" (10 pk) of 5 Vegas Series 'A' Atomic cigars on Cbid. I've bid on a few boxes before on there but never one any. It says these come in factory pre-packs of 10. Do they come as a bundle or in an actual box? Silly question, but just wondering. I've never bought a box of any cigars since I've been into it. Usually just alot of 5 pks and singles. I really enjoy the Series "A" cigars and have bought several 5 pks of them now. Anyway, just wondering.

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I believe the Atomics are packaged in a wooden box of 10. All the others are sold in wooden boxes of 20. I think the Atomic is an exception due to its unique size...


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Pre-packs is a fancy term for bundle.

No box sorry :mad:

Its been a while since I won them but never got a box.



Well at least I'll have 10 more cigars :tu I saw the pictures of the wooden boxes and thought it would be nice to get one. It'll be alright though!


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I haven't bought any of these for nearly a year, but they used to come in a cello bundle of 10. Sometimes it was also just two 5pks if I remember rightly. Let them sit for a month or two & you will have a very nice maduro for the price.


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There are three sizes of A series that come in bundles and not boxes...The apex, atomic and one other...They are awesome smokes though


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I've got the same pack on cbid a few times. It's a bundle, not a box. For the price, I can deal with not getting a box.