5 Vegas Series 'A'


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Your humi should never have less than 10 A's. I also concur, I like the Apex the best. Has a nice feel.


The "A"s are a pretty good, bang-for-the-buck maduro. I like the "Artisan" the best. As other's have said, CI seems to ship wet so a few months in a cooler/humi at 65% would be a good idea. I also remove the cedar wrap and cello. I and other's have had some problems with mold under the cedar sleeves if stored for a long time with these and other makes of cigars.



These are excellent cigars, I remember how excited I was back when I got my first sampler of these, I couldn't wait to break into them. I believe I still have two that are coming up on about a year and half rest so I think I am going to fire one up tonight!

Anyways, these are a full bodied smoke. As with all my cigars I like the Torpedo the best out of all of them. There is a reason that they sell like hot cakes and that is because you can not beat the quality of this cigar for the price, it could easily be priced much higher!


I'll check out them and let them rest a good while. I have a 5pk of the Atomic and a 5pk of Apocolypse coming. So we'll see how it turns out.


I'm I the only one here who hates these? I must be nuts or something,These were the worst cigars I ever smoked. :pu

Oh well.


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I like them a lot. I keep the Apoc's on hand at all times. You can get 20 of them on c-bid with a buy-now for $50.

They are not overly complex but the flavor they do have is very good. Not harsh at all, with a good volume of thick white smoke. Hard to beat for the price, especially if you like maduros.

just my $.02


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I got a chance to smoke one of these a couple days ago and it was an awesome smoke. Not to mention it was a finger burner


I have a fiver I won on Cbid... How are they, what can I expect?
I've smoked the Artisan, Archetype, and Alpha and have enjoyed all. Medium to full body flavor and strength and a nice go to stick.

Wrapper: Costa Rican Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Dominican Republic
Origin: Honduras
Body: Medium - Full


Cigars, Guns, and Booze
I have another 5 er of A's coming in today or tomorrow...I think they are the archetype....

Im going to try and let them sit in my humi for a couple months though and try them out...