5 Vegas Short


I've seen a couple threads pop up on these, and I've been contemplating whether or not I should pick up a tin of these. How are they, and are they worth the $15 for 8?


Lowland Gorilla
I love these for a short winter smoke. You can get em on cbid for about 10 a tin, and I would say it is worth it. If you dont have any in a month, PM me and I will send you a few to try when I get home and back to my stash :tu


Evolving Lead Gorilla
You can get them for a lot less than that at the devil.

IMO, they aren't bad. The first one I had was a day or so after I got them and I thought, bad buy. I revisited them after a couple of weeks in the humi and they were pretty good from there. For a small cigar they actually have a complex taste. Just be easy with them. I like to keep a few small cigars laying around and they blow away the last tin I picked up, CAO Gold Karats.


Alpha Silverback
I think they are a good quick smoke. I keep them for when I have a few minutes between classes. I think I picked up 5 tins for $34 on the devil. I do like the RP 92 Juniors better, but the 5 Vegas shorties are hard to beat for the price.


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for those that have had the Tropical Fever Torpedo's, how do these compare? suitable replacement?