601 Habano Toro by DPG


Had this beautiful looking cigar yesterday afternoon. Sorry no pics :(

Temp: About 60 degrees, light breeze
Beverage: Homebrew Pale Ale "GJ"
Previous Cigar that day: RP SG Petite Corona

Cigar Specs: 6x60, Nicaraguan Puro, Red and Gold label

I bought this at the TinderBox B&M a few weeks ago. The pretty red label got me, as well as a strange draw to DPG products. The construction was flawless, the triple cap "signature" from DPG justifies the $6 msrp.

After some toasting from the ultra handy Harbor Freight Micro torch, this cigar lit perfectly. Not an overwhelming amount of smoke, and a nice draw that required just a little effort. It was smooth, but not much flavor for the first inch.

As I kept smoking it, there's still not a lot of tobacco flavor, just earth and pepper. Some other reviews I've read of this cigar said that molasses and rum flavors were evident, but I didn't get them. After the 3rd inch, it was just pepper. Mouth drying, tongue punishing spice that creeped up out of nowhere and assaulted my palette.

Not being a quitter, I touched up the slightly uneven burn and soldiered on....as long as I could. Didn't quite nub it, but made it past the band.

Overall I was let down. It smelled and looked so good prior to lighting, but it couldn't hold up to its appearance. I can't say that I would BUY another 601 (at least red label), but I might smoke it again if one comes my way. Compared to every other DPG product I've had, this was disappointing and I can't recommend it to anyone other than a spice lover.


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Sorry to hear of your experience. I would have spiked it much earlier than you. Some Pepin blends don't really do it for me either. I agree these are full of pepper and spice but I like it. Also, it's been my experience they need at least 6-8 months of low rh rest to really shine.

Try the new Green Label 601. Very different from this one and good.


Haven't tried the Red label yet, but had a few of the blue label maduros and was very impressed. Thanks for the review, you might of just saved me some money.


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The Red label is one of my fav from Pepin and I find to be on of the least peppery. Hopefully you can give them a try again for some better luck.


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Wow, they are one of my favorite cigars. Sorry bout your bad experience. Give another a try, they really are fantastic IMHO.


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Let these rest a bit and give them another chance. It could be you got a bad stick or maybe it was a bit young. It seems many Pepin blends benefit from 3-6 months of rest. I had a 601 Red yesterday at our herf and it was wonderful, much mellower than the one I had a few months ago from a different batch. :ss