62-63% humidity


Young Ape
I have a few small humidors that I seasoned for a week and I am using 65% humidipaks until I get some beads. I put the proper number of packs in each of them and they seem to be fluctuating between 62-64% but most often 62-63.

More people seem to prefer 65% humidity, as you generally get a better burn. That's why I went with 65% instead of 69%.

What are your opinions about this humidity level (62-63)? I am figuring the sticks will taste just fine I just wanted to hear what people think...


From a land down under...
Here in dry Colorado I've had trouble getting my humi's above the mid 60's for the last month... I'd say they have been hovering between 60-64% for the most part & everything has smoked really nicely!


Lowland Gorilla
The humidity sounds just fine... only way to know for certain if it fits your preference is to store a few sticks in there and smoke them. In any case, the cigars won't be damaged at those levels. :2


65% here but I dry box for a couple of days prior to smoking to get them down to around 62%RH prior to smoking.



Lowland Gorilla
I have 65% Beads in my cooler and desktop. The cooler holds 65 just fine, but the desktop is always around 60-62. I find that at the lower humidity the cigars smoke great.